Summary: How Joseph was Rewarded


Lesson Two: Sanctification

“Joseph Takes a Walk” (Genesis 41:1-52)

— How Joseph was Rewarded —


A. In the Life of Joseph (41:1)

1. God prepares us for what He has prepared for us

a. Lost his mother in childhood

b. Hated and betrayed by his brothers

c. Sold into slavery

d. Falsely accused and imprisoned

e. Forsaken and forgotten by others

2. Job understood this situation and expresses it well

a. Job 23:3-4, 8-9; 35:31

b. Job 23:10

3. He that would reign in a palace, must first be trained in a prison

B. In the Life of Pharaoh (41:2-13)

1. The King’s dreams (vv. 2-7)

2. The king’s distress (v. 8a)

3. The king’s dilemma (v. 8b)

4. The king’s delight (vv. 9-13)


A. Joseph Presented to the Pharaoh (41:14-37)

1. His hurry (v. 14)

a. Thirteen years in a pit would end in an moment

b. 1 Peter 5:6-10

2. His humility (vv. 15-16)

3. His honesty (vv. 17-36)

B. Joseph Promoted by the Pharaoh (41:38-44)

1. A princely recognition (vv. 38-44)

a. The Spirit of God (v. 38)

b. Wisdom (v. 39)

c. Placed over a house (v. 40)

d. Set over a kingdom (v. 41)

e. Given a ring; arrayed in fine linen; adorned with a gold chain (v. 42)

f. Given the highest honor (v. 43)

2. Personal application

a. Prov 21:1, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.”

b. How are you doing in God’s school of life?

1) Learning the lessons?

2) Passing the tests?

3) On track to graduate?

c. During the times of testing, trust God without panic

d. During the times of triumph, thank God without pride

3. Prophetic Representation

a. The Spirit of God was in Christ (Luke 4:18)

b. He is “the only wise God, our Savior (Jude 25)

c. He is the High Priest over the house of God (Heb 10:21)

d. He is “over all, God, blessed forever (Rom 9:5)

e. Ring: power/authority; fine linen: righteousness; gold chain: glory

f. At the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow . . . (Phil 2:10)


A. Other Brides in Type

1. Eve: Typifies the formation of the church

a. Taken from the side of Adam during a death-like sleep

b. Made from his body, yet became something new (mystery)

c. Given back to Adam in order to share his life with him

d. Became the special object of his love and devotion

2. Rebekah (Isaac’s bride): Typifies the faith of the church

a. Ignorant of Isaac until informed by a servant (Holy Spirit)

b. She answered a call and was given rich gifts

c. Had to travel many miles and days before seeing the bridegroom

d. During these days she spent her time

1) Learning all about Isaac

2) Preparing to meet him

B. Joseph’s Bride in Type (41:45-52)

1. Asenath’s favored place (vv. 45-49)

a. She was married to an exalted man (vv. 38-44)

b. She was married to an extolled man (vv. 45-49)

1) Zaphnath-paaneah

2) “Savior of the world” (Egyptian)

3) “Revealer of secrets” (Hebrew)

2. Asenath’s forgotten past (v. 45)

a. All we know is her father’s position and place

b. We know nothing of her education, ambition, decisions, mistakes

c. The whole of her unregenerate past is blotted out

d. It is Joseph who fills the scene and makes the queen

3. Asenath’s faithful part (vv. 50-52)

a. She produced two (2) sons

b. Manasseh: “Forgetting” (v. 51)

1) Are you a forgetful child of God?

c. Ephraim: “Fruitful” (v. 52)

1) Are you a fruitful child of God?

2) The Bible says in Romans 7:4 that we “should be married to another, even to him who is raised from the dead, that we should bring forth fruit unto God.

d. Are you a Manasseh or an Ephraim?

** Do you understand that providence of God in your life?

** Do you know and follow the will of God for your life?

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