Summary: From spoiled one, to anointed one who repairs the family breach

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1-20-08 (part 2) short lesson on Joseph the ruler

Joseph the dreamer

Joseph the spoiled one (by Jacob)

Joseph’s coat of many colors

Joseph’s other 11 brothers

- the envying the jealousy the hatred

Joseph and the pit

Joseph and the Egyptian caravan

Joseph the slave

Joseph: sold to Potaphar

Potaphar: Captain of the Guards (Egyptian prison)

Joseph’s looks

Potaphers wife: entrigued indeed (fell for Joseph)

she went nuts: over this "handsome creature"

chapters, books, and volumes were written

- on this subject alone (his looks)

- not only in the Bible but in many history books

Poems from Persia (Surat chap 12 and verse 32)

- as the most beautiful and pious of men

- poems of Yusuf and Zuleekha

- "she lost her self-government" (self-control)

"She became a slave to her passions"

The Koran is of Arabic composition

- written at least some by Arabs

- (stories as told by Moses)

- The law-giver of Arabia writes

- Joseph, the "handsome one"

Mohammad writes in his book (entire chapter 22)

- talks of Joseph’s "comliness"

- talks about "his perfect body"

- he calls Joseph "the most accomplished of mortals"

Notice the far reaching effects of one’s actions

- some of those icarcerated here in my home state.

- your stories have been told in many areas of Kentucky

Joseph was so handsome

- Potaphers wife would invite 40 women over

- to show Joseph off

- 40 ladies would be pealing oranges

- and then she would bring Joseph in

- they began to cut their hands up

- they squealed with delight and awesomeness (not noticing the freshly drawn blood)

In the Greek language: it is interpreted what they said!

- "Oh God! this is not a human being, this is none other

than a glorious angel! Surat X11: verse 32

Joseph was made head of Potaphers household

- God always promotes Joseph: no matter where he is at

- wonder why? His integrity

- Poaphers wife: entraps him (another coat)

- Joseph failed: in mans eyes, but not in God’s eyes

- the prison sentence (a man innocent) (not guilty)

- A man of the highest integrity gets falsely accused

- how does this stout fellow fare now?

Now: from overseer to prisoner

Several powerful things that keep getting repeated:

1. Josephs ability to forgive: his 11 brothers

- some of you your entire hosuse hold that have let you down

- some, a dad has let you down

- some a mother may have let you down

2. Josephs ability to see positive in all circumstances

3. Josep’s strength to say no!

4. Josephs strength: as a slave

5. Josephs strength as an overseer

- Josephs gift: to interpret dreams

- first: the baker and the butler (later the Pharoah)

- the baker and the butler (imprisioned wtih him)

- the baker: is killed by the king

- the butler is set free

- Joseph’s dream was unspeakably accurate

Josephs strength as a prisioner (two years without hope)

- now the Egyptian leaders dream is interpreted

- Joseph again: quickly promoted

Joseph’s strength as 2nd in command in Egypt

Joseph: From the pit to Egyptian Goverenor

God had a divine plan

To save Israel from certain death

Joseph: the focused one

Now 2nd in command of all of Egypt

The huge wide spread famine

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