Summary: An introduction to the Book of Joshua

The Book Of Joshua Study Introduction:

Good morning, welcome and Happy Independence Day!

How many of you have family plans for today – maybe a 4th of July cookout, or a trip to the beach? Good – the talk today is minimal and we should have you out by 4 – 5pm at the latest – no problem. Just kidding – that is unless I am not invited to your cookout – then not kidding.

We haven’t done a book study in a while and so I thought today would be a good day to start a study in the Book of Joshua – can anyone guess why America’s Independence Day would be a good day to start a Study in the Book of Joshua?

That’s right – the Book of Joshua is centered in the time of Israel’s Independence – they have been rescued from the bondage of slavery, wondered in the wilderness for 40 years and under Joshua’s leadership – cross over into the promise land and spend a seven year campaign to claim their independence in the land. If you are confused a bit – don’t worry, by the time this study is done – it will all make sense.

First though I want to start off with a video clip – when it is finished I am going to ask you the same question – why did I choose to start with that clip – what does the clip or more to the fact, what does what is portrayed in the clip have to do with the Book of Joshua? – so watch close.

But before I show the clip I first want to remind you that here at Grace Point we stand firmly on Acts 17:11:

Acts 17:11 (New International Version)

11Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

That tells you don’t believe it just because I say it is so – but go home and search God’s Word for yourself and let His Spirit guide you to see if what I say is true. And strongly encourage you to do so because there is a lot in the Book of Joshua and I am going to suggest some things that you may have not heard before and I don’t want you to just take my word for it – dig deep and let God’s Word speak to you. – Okay – let’s watch the clip.

Show Video Clip – The Rapture Movie Clip Edited

Who can tell me first – what is going on in the video and secondly what does it have to do with the Book of Joshua?

So what is going on in the video? --- That’s right – the Rapture – let me give you some background on what transpired up to the point in the video – the lady in the clip had a rough life – she was into drugs and sex, etc., - but she felt lost, felt like something was missing in her life, a void that all the trappings of this world couldn’t fill – through a series of events she got religion as they say – she was on fire for Christ – got off the drugs, converted her boyfriend, they stopped living in sin, got married and had a little girl, but then God took it all away from her – her husband was killed – then later she starts to lose faith and shortly thereafter her daughter is killed as well and she completely loses faith – she doesn’t lose faith that God exists – as you could see from the clip – she loses faith in God – doesn’t believe He is a loving God or a just God – at least not by her standards – to her understanding; and so she stands there on that fateful day – as many will – looking face to face with God – hearing Him ask that fateful question – do you Love me and unlike those who still don’t get it and try to tell God how they earned their way into Heaven – Look God did we not prophesy in your name, look God did we not do great works and wonders in your name – only to hear God say in return – away from me you evil doers I knew you not. This is different – she knows who Jesus is – Jesus knows who she is – she just never trusted enough to surrender all to Him – she still wants it to be on her terms – to make sense to her and so she willing – knowingly says thanks – but no-thanks. Please do not confuse this with losing her salvation, do not see this as a contradiction of once saved always saved, because it is not – you can’t meet God half way – it says in Revelation Chapter 3 Verses 15 & 16:

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