Summary: People who do not know your journey would never understand you!

Journey that they do not know!

2 Samuel 6:16”As the ark of the LORD came into the city of David, Michal the daughter of Saul looked out of the window and saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD, and she despised him in her heart.”

I realized, I realized, I realized that people who do not know your journey would never be able to understand you! Stop thrusting your feelings on them; they would never care anyways!

People fail to join my exuberance when I share the results of a kid who can now write the alphabets properly and neatly. They wonder, ‘what is Bala raving over a kinder garden accomplishment!’ They would never know how I grabbed the kid from alcoholic parents, they would never know how I would come very early in the morning to school just to take care of such kids, they would never know how the kid was rejected as a ‘hopeless student’, they would never know how I picked up that kid which was put aside and started nurturing and tutoring him personally. His name is Narasimha, son of a rag pickers, who fights and drink; now, under my strict supervision, he has picked up marvelously and now writes English, Hindi, Math and Telugu beautifully. How could I not leap with joy! People would never understand! I preach in crusades, churches, conventions etc., but nothing like reviving the life of a broken kid from broken homes.

When the winner holds the trophy weeping, screaming and jumping and at times even sinking their teeth into the trophy – not many would know the sacrifice, herculean effort, energy and price that he had to pay for the trophy! He’s so emotional would be the insensitive comment of the audience! People who do not know your journey would never understand you!

You know what triggered me to write this article? When I read the portion of the Bible where David’s wife Michal flinches on seeing David dance before the ark of God! How could the daughter of a king understand the journey of David from being a shepherd boy to king! She was never there when God saved David from the lion and the bear, she was never there when David faced the giant Goliath, with no armor except the stones. Stop making people understand your joy or sorrow; it is vain because they weren’t there!

Eddie Redmayne who plays Stephen Hawking, the Physicist, in the movie ‘the theory of Everything’ said he put in his best shot to portray the man whose condition was deteriorating with a severe disease (ALS called motor neuron disease. Struck by the disease at the age of 17, he kept moving on in life, though his condition kept worsening. Actor Redmayne was not able to enact everything because he was wasn’t there!

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