Summary: Being imitators of God will cause us to travel certain paths in life. The path of Love, Truth, Forgiveness, and Obedience.

Intro: There seem to be many imitators today. But for the most part the imitations are cheap imitations. They are just surface cover ups as a way to make a living or to cheat people.

From Wal-Mart you have Great Value

In branson and many other towns you have the famous people imitators

But they are not imitators in the sense that Paul in Chapter 5 of Ephesians tells us to be

Ephesians 5.1 Read

I. Imitators

a. 7 Times translated followers in NT

b. Here it is translated as imitator

c. William Barclay on teachers of rehtoric

i. To become the Best they imitated the best

ii. They stayed with them and learned their ways.

It was at antioch they were first called Christians. 11.26

They were literally called little Christ’s

Greater things will you do (imitate those before and strive for more.)

You have been given power to become children of God (children imitate)

I. Walk the path of Love

a. Lack of Love (today)

i. We will not tell people as prov 16.25 says “There is a way that seems right to a man but he end of it is death.”

ii. Jesus out of love told the pharisees they were hypocrites.

1. His love today says there is a way to escape the clutches of sin and the devil

2. His love says you can make it in uncertain time.

3. His love will overcome the hate of terrorists

4. His love will overcome the neglect of parents

5. His love will overcome political barriers

6. His love will overcome denominations

7. His love will overcome peoples unbelief

a. Someone give him praise

8. If life is a journey then we must walk in love.

iii. Walk in love but most importantly walk in Agape love

iv. There is no greater love than Agape love

1. Love without thought of return

2. love today is based on what kind of return we can get from our investment.

a. When Jesus talked about giving (tithing)

i. He said don’t let your right hand know what you left is doing.

ii. Do from a giving heart not a hope of gain.

v. Sacrificial love – How many truly have it today

1. Love willing to die for others

2. Cross your heart love

vi. While others teach hate let us practice love

1. Liberals hate republicans

2. Muslims hate Christians and Jews

3. We must walk the hard path of loving those that hate us.

4. Denominations either dislike or hate one another

a. We are told to hate the sin love the sinner

b. Lets get It straigh today

i. You may think others are hard to love

ii. But how many of you had to die for their sins?

According to Karl Menninger

“Love is the basic need of human nature, for without it, life is disrupted emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physicall.

As 1 John 4.8 puts it “God is Love”

So inside us is the Urge to walk the path of Love (Do you feel it this morning)

Only the Love of God can help us to walk the path of Truth

II. Walk the path of Truth

a. You have heard it many times

i. Truth is not a thought, a book, a statement

ii. Truth is a person.

b. The person of Jesus Christ.

i. Socrates thought that you could ask the right questions and eventually get the end moral true answer.

ii. But we know none seek after God no not one.

iii. God thankfully seeks after us.

1. Has he found you

2. He longs to give us the truth.

3. A relationship that is mediated by His son Jesus.

iv. Many long for the truth

1. But when it is in front of them they push it away.

2. Why?

a. Could it be because we as the Mirrors reflecting the light of truth have some flaws that are covering the beauty, majesty, and freedom that truth brings.

b. It is time to shine up our mirrors, to clean up our act, to represent the truth we confess, profess and proclaim.

c. Let us not be laim, crippled and weak representations of God. Let us Walk with God’s presence and the Power of His truth.

Walking the path of love lights the pathway to truth which also uncovers the path to forgiveness.

III. Walk the path of Forgiveness

a. Just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.

i. John 3:16

ii. Before he even created the universe he forgave us our sins.

1. But are we willing to accept that forgiveness

b. Imitation of God is imitation of Christ

i. How can we not forgive in light of the great debt we have been forgiven

ii. Instead of acting like Jesus

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