Summary: What is a Righteous Judgment? What is a righteousness? How do you make such a judgement?

John 7:18-24 Text Verse: #24

*What is a ’judgment’?

-A decision(a choice)

-A conviction(that proves out to be evident)





-Placement of values

*What is wrong?

*What is right?(More importantly)

*What is a ’righteous’?

-Something that is ’just’

*Without prejudice(pre-judging or preformed idea)


*What is a ’righteous judgment’?

-A decision to do what is right.

*The Lord is the only one who is eternally right?

*Base your decisions on what God would do, and reprove your actions.

*How do I know what is righteous?(reprove our actions)

-Know what God says(Study the Word)

-Learn what a sin is.

-Learn what a sin is not.

-Know how God reacts to each matter, react accordingly yourself

*God reacts to some sin strongly(violently)

*God reacts to some sin with love and understanding

*When should I judge?

-When a matter will allow a sin start

-When a matter will allow a sin to continue

-When a matter will allow a sin to grow

-When sin becomes evil.

-When sin could be introduces into an innocents’ life

A righteous judgment is one based on God’s Law, not man’s ideas of law. If your decision bring glory to God, then rejoice in the matter. If your judgment subtracts from the crowning glory of God then abstain from it.

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