3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We are not to Judge.. or are we?

Judge Not

I am again going to read this evening’s main passage of scripture from the King James Version of the Bible… The reason is just like last week, it is a widely known passage of scripture and everyone seems to know the wording as it is written in the King James Version….

Read Matthew 7:1-5

This is probably one of the most quoted passages of scripture in the Bible.

Everybody wants to quote the first verse we read here today. Of course most of the people that quote it do not know where it is in the Bible.

As a matter of fact, I would venture to say that most people that quote it would not even know it was in the Bible except that they heard someone else tell them that it was.

You see, most people want to quote this verse when they get caught in sin.

They say, “hey, the Bible says you can not judge me, if you judge me you will also be judged.”

In other words “get off my case.”

They try to use the Bible to justify their actions.

“Don’t be coming around telling me that I’m a sinner, don’t tell me that I can not do drugs and drink all day long, the Bible says judge not”.

“You have no right to judge me!”

And there are many Christians out there who to quote this scripture also.

But all to often I feel that they quote it because they do not want to get involved, or they do not want to do their part, or even sometimes they just want to overlook a problem so they don’t have to deal with it.

“Judge not!”

People want to use it as a cop-out. “ No I am not going to talk to my best friend about the affair he is having with a woman in the church, Not only is he my best friend , he is a Deacon in the church. And besides, the Bible says to Judge not!

I have heard of pastors that will not take a stand on tough issues because they are afraid of what the congregation will say and do.

I have heard of pastors that will not take a stand because they were afraid some of the congregation would leave the church.

a few years ago I heard a story about a church that had a member of the congregation that was an abortion doctor. The doctor gave his tithe and did other things in the church.

He had a pretty good income from his business so the Church thought highly of him. He was the well dressed, prominent type of person.

Well the church got together and elected him as a deacon.

An abortion doctor!

He was a Deacon in the church for a while and one day an anti-abortion group decided to have a peaceful picket in front of the Church because of the abortion doctor being a Deacon.

Well the church members were furious, and the Church filed a lawsuit against the anti-abortion group..... yes, this is a true story...

Are we afraid of this passage of scripture?

Lets look at what is happening in our country today because everyone thinks we can not judge each other.

I’m sure you all have heard of “moral relativism” haven’t you?

It is a theory that is so prevalent in our country today.

Moral relativism is the theory that there is no absolute right or wrong.

People are being taught in many places and believe that there is no absolute right or wrong.

Many different things have come about because of this.

Some School systems across the country have been using this idea for years... we lived in a school district that used this idea, but we home schooled our Kids at the time....

This school district used the system where a student is not graded by how well he knows math.

A student is not graded by how well he knows science.

A student is not graded by how well he can read.

No, they don’t want to do that because if the child is not doing well they don’t want to make him feel bad.

The system does not want any child to think he is a dummy just because he cannot read, or write, or do math.

They don’t want to judge him.

Some schools in this system have decided to grade the students as a whole. They get the entire class together and give them a test.

And if a certain percentage of the students in the class do well enough to pass, everyone in the class gets a passing grade no matter what their individual score was.

And then we wonder why America is doing so poorly compared to other countries that have school systems.

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