Text: Rev. 20:11-15


Everyone wants their day in court. They say, “If I could just tell my side of the story, then everything would be alright.” Well, every sinner and every Christian will have their day in court. This is the last event that will take place before time is done away with.

This is a passage and a message that is intended for the ears of the lost and the dying. Yet, the truths that are contained here ought to give Christians a greater zeal for the souls for the lost.

Judgment is coming. It is only through and by the grace and mercy of God Almighty that we haven’t received the wrath of God.

I want us to look in the courthouse of God this morning.......and just imagine, what will take place.

IMAGINE: The seen that is taking place. Here we are in heaven and there are millions of people. All kinds of people.

We see people like.........

1. The Apostle Paul---who was a great man of God.

2. The maniac (demon po)---who Jesus cast out the devils.

3. The woman at the well----who had 5 husbands

4. Steven--- who was stone for the cause of Christ.

5. Mary the mother of Jesus

Then we see people like.....

1. Billy Sunday----Great Evangelist of Old

2. Charles Spurgeon ----Great Evangelist

3. Jonathan Edward--- who preached one of the finest messages ever preached...”Sinners in the hands of a angry God” and Hundreds came to know the Lord.

Then we see more recent people.....

1. Bro Larry Hall

2. Bro John Henry Taylor

3. Bro Howard Robinson

4. Your mom

5. Your dad

6. Your Grandmother and Grandfather

7. Brother, Sister, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins.. Etc.

Then we hear a LOUD voice say.........COURT IS NOW IN SESSION!


All is silent!!!

And the TRIALS begin.

As all the saints of God is setting over to one side,

There is a great line of people......children, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles

I. THE SETTING-----(vs. 11-12)

A. The Background

1. A Terrible Fact - (The Great White Throne)

a. Men will stand stripped of all their pretenses and will appear as they really are.

2. A Terrible Figure - (Ill. Jesus Himself!)

a. The marks of the cross still visible in His body. The one men have denied, cursed and ridiculed will be the One before whom they will stand! (John 5:22; Rev. 5:6)

3. A Terrible Fellowship - The petty, paltry sinner and the grand and

glorious sinner will stand side by side here at the throne of the Judge. No one will be exempt. From the common drunk to the wicked world leader, every sinner who has ever lived will stand before Jesus!

(Ill. Cain, Hitler, Presidents, Popes, Preachers, Theifs, Murderers, Harlots, Drunkards, Druggies, you name it!)

B. The Books -

1. The Book Of Life Of The Lamb -

a. This book contains the names of every person who has ever trusted Jesus by faith. From the young to the old, from the first to the last. Their names are written here!

2. The Book Of The Lives Of The Lost -

a. This book contains the record of the lives of the lost.

b. Gives record of every opportunity that you had to recieve Christ.

II. THE SUMMONS----- (VS. 13)

A. There will be no hiding place!

B. Every grave will give up her dead. The dust will come together again. The sea will give her dead. Hell will be empty for the first time in thousands of years.

C. Imagine the scene before the throne of Jesus! The damned in all their

unsightliness and with the effects of their sins apparent on them.

III. THE SENTENCE----- (vs.14-15)

A. The books are read and the sentence is given!

B. The Finality - No appeals, All who appear before the righteous Judge whose name is not written in the book of life are sentenced to an eternity in the Lake of Fire.

One after one we hear GUILTY, DEPART FROM ME I NEVER KNEW YOU!!!!!!!

Then LOOK, there is someone you recognize in that line.........

1. A Daughter says to her Mother.....Why didn’t you tell me more??????

2. A Son says to His Father....Why didn’t you tell me more about Jesus and less of sports?????

3. A Wife says to her Husband or a Husband says to the Wife..... WHY??????

4. Grandparents.........

5. Family member, A Neighbor.......YOU NEVER mention Jesus to me.

The Bible says that the blood will be upon our hands.

Let me give you 4 things...............

1. Everybody will be judged for their sins if they don’t accept Christ.

2. Recognize that Hell is literal and eternal and that judgment is coming.

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