Summary: What does God say about judging others? About when people do you wrong?

Judging others

Matthew 7:1-7:6


This morning we will look at Gods Word and see what Jesus Himself says about judging others.

I think it is appropriate as we are blasted these last days with election ads that slam each other, condemn each other, exaggerate, disgrace, lie, mock, threaten, even bribe each other, and at best twist the real truth. No matter what side of any issue that you are on, the feedback is intense, directed and one sided.

I asked Stephon this week to put “Don’t forget to vote” on the church sign. Would you believe that created a ruckus with some I come into contact with outside of the church because they felt they had to give me their view of how they were going to vote. That was a reminder “get out and vote”, not a political statement of how to vote.

I saw one post on Facebook that says that they will be off Facebook until after the elections.

Negativity is at its highest point.

Tension so high that no one is really listening to each other. Everyone is talking and no one is listening.

Some of you right now want to jump up and voice your opinion.

What does the Lord say about judging? About loving people who do you wrong?

Matthew 7:1-7:5

Luke 6:37-38

Both Matthew and Luke record that we should love our enemies and do good to those who deceive and want to take advantage of us.

What do we know here?

Red letter/ Jesus own words

Jesus is talking to believers

It comes right after do not worry in Matthew and after love your enemies in Luke 6

Here’s what else we know

These scripture are used very often by unbelievers as a weapon to those that would come against them.

They may not know the Bible but they know these verses.

Nations operate on different principals and standards than the average person. (Let me explain)

If we as a nation would show weakness and lack of unity, it would not take long before another superpower would come in and take over. That is because power and might is the shield of protection. Safety in this country is maintained by strength. The nation with the biggest gun wins. To lay down our guns does not guarantee peace.

But is that how God wants individuals to act? Is that how believers should be acting toward each other and to others that share a different point of view than we do?

Hear me this morning, I am not… telling anyone that they cannot share their views, protect what they believe is Christian values, try to move this country in the right direction, or to change what they believe is wrong. I am saying… this morning that God does give us clear direction on how we are to do that.

Don’t be mad at the messenger!

We are not to judge and condemn.

We are to forgive and give.

We are to practice unconditional love not just with fellow believers, but even our enemies, trusting that the justice of God will make it right in the end.

Main thought-

Christ gives directions to believers to be more worried about their own faults than to go looking at other people’s faults.

There is an appropriate and inappropriate way to judge others.

Jesus very direct words to begin this passage “Do not Judge”

To take this in context is not to relieve his followers of the need for discerning right and wrong. (Repeat)

It is to properly know when to judge and how to judge.

We know the unbeliever or person far from God’s favorite verses in the Bible:

(1) “Judge not lest you be judged” Matthew 7:1

(2) “He who is without sin cast the first stone” John 8:7

Why are these there favorite verses? Because they use these verses to escape accountability to God.

He is guilty before God and doesn’t like to hear it – just like a thief would like people to stop judging him and saying that stealing is wrong, especially the cops and lawmakers (until the thief becomes the victim of theft). But there’s bad news for those that take scripture out of context.

We often hear from unbelievers and some Christians that the Bible says that we are never supposed to judge others. To put it as nicely as possible, that is not true!

We judge and evaluate and make decisions based upon common sense every day. If you don’t you would be in trouble.

So what is Jesus saying?

Do not judge!

With wrong motives or you will be judged the same way.

Without having all the facts or you will be judged the same way.

With a judgmental attitude or you will be judged the same way.

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