Summary: Fourth in a series of five from Amos; because of his love for us and hate for sin God will judge us.

Judgment in Relation to God

Amos 7-9:10

1. God’s judgment brings destruction (7:1-6).

• God may show grace for a time.

2 Peter 3:9, God is patient in judgment.

• What would it really take for God to get my attention?

2. God’s judgment results from missing His standard (7:7-9).

Romans 6:23, the wages of our sin is death.

• Where have I failed to meet God’s standard?

3. God’s judgment is certain for those who know better (7:10-17).

James 3:1, teachers will be judged more strictly.

1 Timothy 3:2, leaders must be above reproach.

• Am I more concerned with my position or God’s message?

4. God’s judgment comes according to His time(8:1-14).

• Based on his standards, God will eventually judge.

• God’s Word, continually rejected, will cease to be revealed. Luke 17:22 John 7:34

Matthew 13:40-43, sin & evil will be judged in the end.

• Have I rejected God’s Word and can I turn to seek Him again?

5. God’s judgment opposes sinful people (9:1-10).

• God provides grace & hope within judgment.

Romans 2:5-11, each of us will be judged by what have done.

Hebrews 9:27-28, Jesus died to save all who will be judged.

• Am I a sinful pretender in danger of judgment?

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