Summary: This message in Genesis tells us of man’s original sin. Our first message told us about the original sin that was committed by Satan. This message will focus in-depth into how Satan tempts us to doubt, deception and desire that results in damnation. Bu


Verse one gives us a red flag warning from the very start about the character of Satan. He is identified as the serpent in this passage. This is an obvious case of Satan manifesting himself in the form of an animal. Angels are able to take physical forms; remember that Abraham was visited by angels before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The serpent at this point in time may have been a very attractive creature, and he could have likely stood upright, thus being able to see eye to eye with Eve.

Next, we are told that the serpent was the most subtle creature of the field. The Hebrew word is aruwm, which is also translated as prudent or crafty. It could also mean sly and shrewd. When we take the extended meaning of this word, in addition to the descriptions given in the first message, we can see that we are facing a smart and formidable foe. The advantage that we have is that our God is his creator, and God is able to overcome all.

Notice also that the scriptures tell us that he “said unto the woman…” This Hebrew word amar means to say, speak, answer, tell and, interestingly enough, promise. Satan is a great and effective communicator. His words possess the poison of doubt that kills the spirit. Notice that Satan is a promise maker. The down side is that he does not keep his promises, yet God always keeps His promises!

We see the main focus of our point when Satan speaks to the woman and says, “Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?” With this one question, worded exactly the way that it is worded, Satan accomplishes much. The main point is that he creates doubt in the mind of the woman. He implies that God is strict, stingy and selfish. In wording his question this way, he also gets the woman to forget all that God had given and provided, and get her to focus on the one thing that she couldn’t possess. She was apparently very content and happy until he planted the seed of doubt in her mind.

Be aware that the first step that Satan will take in destroying your testimony and your life will be to plant a seed of doubt. And doubt he did plant in the woman. She got so full of doubt that she got the details confused. She neglected to state that God said “From ANY tree of the garden you may eat FREELY…” She left out some parts, because she is already in a state of doubt. She even adds to God’s instructions. God said that “in the day that you eat from it (tree of knowledge of good and evil) you will surely die.”

Please take note, Christian, that we will fall into trouble when we dwell on the few things that we don’t have, compared to the countless blessings that God has given us.

So how do we avoid the nagging doubt that Satan will invariably bring to us? First, recognize that Satan works best when we are alone. Ephesians 4:27 says “Neither give place to the devil,” so be in a place physically, mentally and spiritually to not be alone. Second, we must “put on the whole armor of God.” Eph. 6:11. Next, James 4:7 says to “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Fourth, always pray for strength to resist temptation. There is power in prayer, and Jesus regularly prayed to God for strength. Fifth, sometimes it may be necessary to literally run, like Joseph. Sixth, 1 Peter 5:8 says to “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour.” Last, don’t be afraid to “JUST SAY NO” to what we know to be wrong.


For my next point, I need a volunteer. I need a young person who really likes bubble gum. (Get the volunteer and talk with him or her up front for a minute.) So you like chewing gum? What is your favorite kind? Really, that is nice. I’m sorry that I don’t have any of that king of bubble gum, but I do have this right here. What does that say? Double bubble? Would you like some double bubble? You would? You would take what I have in here even if it isn’t (the brand they like)? Would you take me to a steak dinner for it? Would you wash my car for it? What would you do for it. OK, that is fair. Go ahead and take it and open it up. (Beans are inside the wrapper.) Now, I want to claim your end of the bargain. Remember, I did not promise you bubble gum, you said that you would take what I had even if it wasn’t the kind you liked. Do you feel deceived? How does that make you feel? Thank you for being a good sport, here is a piece of Double bubble bubble gum as a reward!

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