Summary: To illustrate how Jesus can do so much with our little. God doesn’t ask how much we have. Instead, like He asked of Moses, He asks "What do you have I can use?"

Just a Happy Meal

Purpose: To illustrate how Jesus can do the impossible with our little.

1. Read John 6:1-5. Why did Jesus ask Philip? Of all the disciples, why Philip? Philip was from Bethsaida, a town just nine miles away. If anyone would know a human solution to this problem, it would have been Philip. But there was no human solution.

2. Read 6:6-7. When Jesus told Philip to feed the people, Philip focused on what he could and couldn’t do; the possible and impossible. Jesus doesn’t want us to do the impossible, just to obey him. When we do, the impossible happens.

3. Read 6:8-10. Think about it: 5,000 men. And that’s just the men. Let’s say there were just 5,000 women and 5,000 children there too. That’s 15,000 people. How much would it cost to feed 15,000 people?

· Dominos: Figure three people per large pizza. Since it was a church group, Dominos would have given them a special price of $6 per large pizza. Also figure that you would have needed some Cokes. 2-Liters are much cheaper than buying cans, so we’ll go with 2-liters. Grand total: $32,143.

· Burger King: Let’s say everybody is going to eat off the value menu. It’s after 4 p.m. so we’ll order double cheeseburgers, fries and Cokes for everybody. Grand total: $45,000.

· Outback Steakhouse: Come on, though. This is Jesus. No greasy pizzas or burgers for Jesus. He’s taking everybody to Outback. The men get those 12-ounce Outback specials. The ladies all get the chicken dinner and a salad and the kids all order off the kids’ menu. Grand total: $152,5000.

4. Where were the disciples going to come up with $152,000?

· Illustration: The disciples probably gathered around and pooled all the money they had. Peter had $2, Andrew another $6. They were near Phillip’s hometown so he had a cousin in the crowd. He borrowed $13. When they totaled it all up, they had $54.82, three fishing lures and a video game token. They knew they couldn’t feed 5,000 men with $54.82.

· While the disciples put all their quarters together to see what they could do, one little boy said, "Hey! I’ve got a Happy Meal." He knew that a Burger King cheeseburger meal wasn’t going to feed 15,000 people, but he just figured Jesus would take care of it.

5. Read John 6:11-13. All that food … all those mouths to feed … big men, hungry women, lots of kids. And it all came from one little boy’s … Happy Meal.

6. "If we offer nothing to God, he’ll have nothing to use. But he can take what little we offer him and do the impossible." (from the Life Application Bible)

7. Moms, Dads, Men, Women, Kids: God isn’t asking if you’re the best speaker, or the best organizer, or the most confident or the most talented. He doesn’t care about the biggest and the best. He made you who you are, so he knows what you can do. He just wants you to be willing to let him use what you have. What do you have, big or small, that God can use?

8. (Stand with me) Sometimes all God wants is you to be willing. Are you willing to give what you have to Jesus? Are you willing to give Him your life? Would you want to come to the altar and pray before we go home today?

9. Invitation.

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