Summary: At the times of crises believe in God, just believe for the intervention of God

Mark 5:36 Just believe

Do not afraid, just believe.

The servants and relatives came to the ruler and said your daughter is dead. Mathew says that this man ran to Jesus as soon as his daughter died (Mt. 9:18). But mark says that he came to Jesus as she was at the verge of death. The girl was only 12 years old. How much the father and mother were languishing and wailing for their daughter but here the parents took the bold step to see that she comes back to life.

Do not afraid of what you have heard from the people around you but believe what you have seen and heard from this woman, who was healed by her faith you Continue to just believe. This ruler of the synagogue was surrounded with unbelievers, who do not know the fear of God. Though he was a ruler of the synagogue yet he needs to develop good company of believers. Jesus sent the people who were wailing and unbelievers from that spot. Mathew says when they were chased out(9:25) from that house, mark says all of them were sent out from the place of miracle(Mk 5:40). Because they didn't believe in God,they were very worldly, very ordinary people. Believers must have friendship, fellowship with believers, even you should have believers in your house as servant maids, or teach them to believe in Christ.

In the house all should have same spirit and same faith to taste the miracle of God. All should have the same mind and fear of God. Sometimes what happens, one is praying, one is watching tv, one is playing with mobile or computer, one is least bother about God. In such houses always in trouble. No coordination, no oneness, no unity, no faith. Houses are divided by faith, doctrine and worshipping pattern, in such houses surely the miracles are not happening and the answer of God is delayed. So nothing will happen. Bring oneness and harmony in your house.

Jesus said to him "just believe". Believe what?

Believe in Word:

Disciples said increase our faith(Lk.17:5), faith comes from hearing the message of word of Christ(Rm.10:17). 2Chr 20:20 says believe in God and also believe in his prophets, then you will be successful.

Believe in Christ:

Without faith you cannot please God(Heb. 11:16). The best ministry is believing in Son of God (Jn. 6:29). The just shall live by faith (Hab. 2:4). What is righteousness only bee living in God (Gal. 3:16).

Believing in God will change the situation, life, dead things will be revived. Lost glory will be regained, lost blessings will be given you back. David recovered everything he lost. From small things to the great things. He did not lose not even a single thing in his life.(1Sam. 30:19).

Ask or pray

Ask and it shall be given unto you. Ask in my name(Jn. 14:13-14). Prayer or asking is the privilege of the disciples(Jn. 15:16). Since you did not ask me you are not getting anything.

What happened in that ruler's house. The tears of cry turned into tears of joy. The wailing turned into joyful occasion. The Death house turned into a living house. The name of God was glorified and exalted through their lives.

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