Summary: when god calls us to help in a mission for him we should not think of ways out of service , but just go do what he would have us do.

during this period the king of egypt held the isrelites in slavery. and thes isrelites held in bondage cried out to god ,and because of their bondage god heard their cryand rembered his covenant with abraham ,issac and jacob.and he looked out on the isrealites and was concerned about them. Moses was then sent to egypt to bring them out of bondage.Moses did not think he was the right person for the job and began to make all kinds of excuses,just like we often do but when god tells you to do something just do it. as a reminder for us moses was sent to tell pharoah to let gods people go , not to try and bring them back all by himself.this was not a message of reasonning or bargans that moses was to deliver to the pharoah.

1.perhaps moses thought he was not worthy to go. he said who am i that i should go to pharoah?this came from the nature of considering ones self less or unworthy to speak on behalf of others.moses also did not know how he would do this. Gods answer was i will be with you.from time to time we all feel unworthy but when god tells you to go just go he will be with you.

2moses may have thought he was not able to go .[ch4,vs10]He said he could not speak well enough.but who gave him a mouth to speak with in the first place,who makes the deaf hear ,who makes the blind see,God does.Go and i will help you to speak and with what to say. Moses said he was not an eloquent speaker and was slow of tongue.God told Moses he would provide for him what he could not do for himself.

3. My final point is that moses just did not want to go .[ch4vs13] when the excuses were all exausted the only thing left is the truth and now that the truth was out Gods impaitence with Moses grew and it became evident that gods anger was kindled against moses.[ch4vs14-16] God said is not Aaron the levite your brother ,i know he speaks well,you speak to him and i will give you words to put in his mouth and i will help both of you to speak just go .

we are just the same today God leads us to do something or leads someplace to further his will but we dont do it. we need to stop making excuses and just go. We all make excuses : like" God please find someone else for this","God i do not do this or this well enough to do this" or "God i really just do not want to do this i will help find someone else." Now we really do not wnt Gods anger kindled anainst us lets just stop making excuses and jut go do his will.

In conclusion we all know the rest of the story moses finnally answered the call and with the help of God delivered the isrelites from bondage. what about us whats the rest of our story,will we head the call to teach,preach or wittness about Gods love to someone or will we not do Gods will and have to deal with God being angry with us and lose the blessing we would have recived for just simply doing his will for us. If God told you to do something and you did not do it here is your chance just go do it. If you have backslidden and fallen out of Gods will just go to him God is looking for people to do his will and make no excuses just follow his lead and go despite all the obsticals that are in the way God wants us to walk by faith not by sight.

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