Summary: Every man child (even the female) needs a father to validate him, tell him who he is and who he ought to be in life.

Every man child (even the female) needs a father to validate him, tell him who he is and who he ought to be in life. They need someone to look up to while growing up, a symbol of authority and protection. Someone to correct him when he is wrong and someone to acknowledge him when he is right. Someone to call daddy. Sadly, research has shown that these father figures are absent in the life of an average teenager/youth raised up in the UK. These young men have grown up without any man to validate them or speak into their lives. Hence these young ones grow up looking for a father figure in gangs and on the streets. It should not be a surprise at all therefore that the results of these are the teenage/young angry men walking the streets ready to slaughter their victims at the slightest provocation. Any system that contrast the order of God is certainly going to birth trouble at the end of the day. In trying to protect the child from abuse, the social system has taken away the power from their parents and given it to the child. This has resulted in the child being indirectly the most powerful in the home and then the parents are made subordinates. This is not how God intended it to be. The man is the head of the family even as Christ is the head of the church. Parents are therefore afraid to upset their children even at the risk of the child becoming useless to himself and the society in the end. Young people who are supposed to be corrected when they go astray now don’t have anyone to tell them their right from their wrong. The ‘Daddys’ are either more quiet than necessary or out rightly absent.

The next appropriate question you will want to ask is where are the ‘Daddys’??? Well, I’d like to know myself! Without being too chauvinistic and controversial I would say the society in trying to protect the women and empowering the female gender has decapacitated the man and taken away his male ego. When you take what makes a man a man from him he is bound to be on the run. This I think is one major reason why we have this high percentage of runaway fathers. Even the fathers that are still at home are struggling to be the MAN in their homes. So, young men have grown up trying desperately not to be a sorry excuse of a man that their fathers were but they end up worse off.

It is expected that children would look naturally like either of their parents. There are usually varying level of semblance though. Some look so much like their parents that you don’t need a DNA test to confirm their relationship. Others don’t just look like them physically but go on to act exactly like them. There are various biblical examples of this kind of semblance. Adam sin against God by disobeying a simple instruction, don’t touch…he ate!! (Genesis 2:16-17; 3:6) but his son, Cain, did just like daddy, disobeyed and went on to be the first murderer in history (Genesis 4:8)...Just like daddy! In Genesis 20: 1-2, Abraham “went down” to Gerar, lied to Abimelech King of Gerar that Sarah was his sister and not his wife. In Genesis 26:1, 6, Isaac who was still in his father’s loins at that time also “went down” to Gerar, and told exactly the same lie his father told to the same king Abimelech of Gerar...Just like daddy. Jacob, Abraham’s grand son, had perfected the act of lies and deception and was able to deceive father Isaac to claim Esau’s blessings...Just like daddy! Judah was a man who had a weakness with his sexuality. In Genesis 38:15-18, he turned in to his daughter in-law thinking her to be a harlot. Ten generations after(2 Samuel 11:14), King David from the tribe of Judah could not take his eyes off another man’s wife. He had to commit adultery with Bathsheba....Just like great grand daddy!!! The children of David were worse than daddy. Ammon, David’s son raped his step sister, Tamar, David’s daughter....Just like daddy! (2 Samuel 13:1-13). Absalom, slept with his father’s (David’s) concubines upon the roof top in the sight of all Israel...Just like daddy!!! (2 Samuel 16:22). Solomon was destined to be a great King but was destroyed by his lust for women...Just like daddy! 300 wives and 700 concubines!!!

Daddy, what legacy are you leaving for your children?? Are you proud to see yourself manifest in your child?? Do you think your child would be great being just like daddy??? Timothy got his faith through his mother and granma, lois and Eunice. Can your daughter be like mummy?

Son, who is your daddy?? Who do you resemble?? Is your behaviour gotten from home or from the streets? Are you seeing signs of the same character you don’t like in your father manifest in your own life as well? Would your child be proud to be just like daddy?? It’s time you look critically at your life and determine who you are and who you look like.

If God is your father then you must be JUST LIKE DADDY!!! every thing you do must show semblance to Him or else we would assume you have another father…

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