Summary: At the crucifixion of Jesus, we find three crosses waiting to crucify 3 people. Jesus was crucified between two thieves. Of the three men, we find one dying for sin, one dying in sin, and one dying to sin! Two of the men were paying their debts to

1. The compassion of Jesus (39)

A. To those who mocked Him. (Matthew 27:44)

1. Both men had joined with the crowd

2. One thief was especially bitter.


B. To those who crucified Him

1. “Father, forgive them..”

2. He died just as He lived!

C. We need to show this compassion to others!

1. We are to be His witnesses

2. We are to show compassion to


2. The comparision of two thieves (39-41)

A. What do we know about them?

1. We do not know their names, ages,

or background

2. Both were guilty and by law

desired to be excecuted.

B. What were their differences?

1. One continued to mock (39)

2. Other becomes convicted of his

sin (40-41)

3. One tunes out the voice of God;

the other listens.

4. One tunes out the cry of the

conscience; the other responded.

C. Which thief are you like this morning?

3. The conversion of the penitent thief. (42-43)

A. Conviction always precedes conversion

1. The bible is clear that we are


a. “For all have sinned...”

Romans 3:23

b. “There is none righteous,

no, not one:” Romans 3:10

c. “But we are all as an

unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are

as filthy rags”

Isaiah 64:6

d. “All we like sheep have

gone astray; we have

turned every one to his

own way;and the LORD hath

laid on him the iniquity

of us all.” Isaiah 53:6

2. Until we see our selves as God

sees us, their is no hope of


B. Evidence of God’s work in His life

1. He admited his sin.

2. He accepted Christ as his Lord

3. He had never seen a miracle but


4. He saw Christ crucified but

called Him Lord

5. He faced death and believed in

the ressurection.

C. The Lords acceptance of the thief (vs. 43)


Jesus died exactly how He lived His life: reaching lost souls and bringing them to salvation. Is this the purpose of your life? Who have you tried to reach lately? Often through the hardest times of our life, God gives us the greatest opportunity to witness!

Is Christ calling you this morning? Do not be like the thief that refused to listen and kept mocking! Turn to Christ today! He will saved you and keep you, but you must turn to him, see yourself as he sees, accept His free gift through faith, and simply call upon His name! Are you willing to do that this morning? God is waiting with open arms to receive just one more soul!

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