Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Believers will know that Jesus is a miracle-working God. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Believers will also put their faith in Jesus, believe his miracles and walk in daily expectancy of his miracles in their lives.


Good morning. Praise God for this new day. This is the day that God has made we will rejoice and be glad. I won’t worry about tomorrow. I’m trusting in what you say. Today is the day. If you are here this morning, it is not an accident. God has a plan for you. He will fulfill his purpose in your life. Since the first month of the year the Lord is saying His promises will no longer be delayed. If you need help, the name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run to it and they are safe. They that call upon the name of the Lord will be saved. Hallelujah.

Beginning this Sunday, I would like to start a 3-Sunday series on the Miracles of Jesus. I felt we need this to build up our faith as we expect the promises of God. Today is the first Sunday, second and third will be March 15 and April 19. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He performed miracles in the past. He will perform miracles today. Let’s begin.


John speaks of Christ's "miracles" as signs (semeion, Gk.). The word stresses the spiritual significance of the miracle and points away from itself to Christ who performed it. John chooses seven major signs to relate in his Gospel, each characteristically pointing the way to Christ and, hence, to some aspect of the meaning of salvation (cf. vv. 1-11; 4:46-54; 5:1-16; 6:1-14; 6:15-21; 9:1-41; 11:1-46). John's entire Gospel is designed to convince its readers that Jesus is the Son of God through whom one may truly live, in this life and in eternity (20:30, 31).


1. Water turned into wine – Chapter 2

2. Healing of the son of Royal Official - Chapter 4

3. Healing at the Pool of Bethesda – Chapter 5

4. Feeding of the 5,000 – John 6

5. Walking on Water – John 6

6. Healing of the Blind man – John 9

7. Raising of Lazarus – John 11


To Know:

Believers will know that Jesus is a miracle-working God. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

To do:

Believers will put their faith in Jesus, believe his miracles and walk in daily expectancy of his miracles in their lives

Just Ordinary People-John 6

A. Great crowd followed Jesus – vv. 1-4

People followed Jesus with different reasons. Some for food, some for healing, for deliverance, for service

What’s your reason in following Jesus? For whatever reasons, just follow Jesus. Do not stop following Jesus.


My testimony

Our testimony

B. Jesus asked the disciples – vv. 5-9

Note 1. Jesus looked up and saw…We are living in a digital world. Most people have cellphones, tablets, and computers. Phones today are called Smart phones because they are really smart. It call and text, It can takes pictures, record conversation, record videos, it can show movies, it can play music. More than a phone It is a camera, a calculator, a television, a music player, an alarm clock, a computer where you can send and receive letters (email) and a lot more. These gadgets force us to look down on a screen and be isolated with others. Yes, we may be connected but isolated. These can be very helpful but can also be a tool to isolate one if we are not aware. Praise God Jesus did not have a Facebook account. What He has is a FaceLook Account (see v.5).

Note 2. Jesus asked Philip WHERE to buy bread. Jesus asked this to test Philip. Jesus knew what to do. He had already in mind what he was going to do. Do not worry Jesus had in mind what he needs to do in our circumstances.

Surprisingly Philip had a very calculated answer. I am surprised that Philip were able to compute or calculate this figure right away. He must be a mathematician. But you know sometimes mathematics does not work with God. Jesus was teaching his disciples to buy without money (Isaiah 55:1)

Questions stir us to think and seek answers from within

There will always be a need. How we addressed our need is different.

a. We work

b. We save

c. We plan

d. We pray

2 Reasons why miracles do not happen?

1. We rely on our resources – v. 7 We do not allow the supernatural

APPLICATION: I am not preaching this for you but for me aswell. I need to remind myself not to look always on my wallet (or my wife's wallet) but on the wallet of God. Lets not rely on our pockets or the pockets of those who are abroad but on the pockets of God.

2. We negate our resources – v. 8

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