3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We limit God by our concept of Him in our lives. When we limit Him, we hinder the purpose and plan that He has for us as a church and as an individual.

Psalm 78:41 Text

I. In the business world, there is said to be in certain cases, a “glass ceiling”, which means that one will only rise so high in promotions, no matter their ability.

II. In the Kingdom, we don’t use a glass ceiling, but so many use a “box”, a God shaped box, a Holy Ghost canister. This "box" that we place God in is our concept of Who we believe God is, what His great plan is for our life and who you are in Him. These concepts limit God or box Him in, much like a children’s toy called "Jack in the box". We have cetain things that we believe will "turn the " and then God will show up in a limited way for a limited purpose. How much more does God to do for us than we allow Him too! (Ephesians 3:20)

How much greater manifestation of His presence does He want us to live in and understand. (Philippians 3:10)

When we do this, we rob ourselves of receiving all that He has for us and prevent ourselves from fulfilling the divine destinies, God, the Father has ordained.

III.God’s ability that He s to manifest in our lives is hindered.

Israel was said to have limited God!

“I don’t know Jack, but I know the God I serve! I don’t want to miss out on what He has for me! Tear the lid off of the box! In order to open the box and let God be and do all that He ,the Omnipotent One s, it will help us to understand how we limited Him to begin with.

IV.We put a limit on God when:

1. We don’t see ourselves from His viewpoint. Numbers 13:33

The ten spies saw their position from their sight and not from God’s sight.

A. We must know WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST! WHat is our spiritual identity. It is said there are over 120 references in the New Testament alone, that contains the phrases, "In Him, "Through Him", "In Christ" "By Him"! These are our I.D. cards!

B. The ten spies did not see themselves as who God said they were, His Chosen people, they saw themselves only through their natural mind.

2. We fail to remember His promises. Numbers 14:2b

The children of Israel were talking about dying.

God did not tell them that they would decease, He told them they would possess!!!

A.Numbers 13:2 As far as God was concerned, the land belonged to the children of Israel, they simply had to possess.

B. The Word of God declares, "I can do all things through Christ, and I am an overcomer" Philippians 4:13; I John 5:5

C. His promises declare, "There is no weapon formed against me that shall prosper. Isaiah 58:17!

D. The old song of the church reads, "Standing on the promises that cannot fail, Though the howling winds of doubt and fear assail, BY THE LIVING WORD OF GOD I SHALL PREVAIL, Standing on the promises of God."

3. We get comfortable with what we have always known. Numbers 14:3b-4

It’s easy to become comfortable with what we have always known. It’s comforting to do what we have always done. When times get tough we tend to want to return to what we have always done.

Ex. Peter returned to swearing when in a tough spot.

The disciples returned to fishing, after the crucifixion of Jesus, although this was not God’s perfect plan for their life.

In Israel’s case, it was back to something that was them.

Isaiah 43:19

Conclusion: Let’s keep Jack in the box, but let Almighty God out to perform the "new thing", He has for your life!

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