Summary: A prayer for deliverance from personal enemies.

Someone is always setting traps. Even the godly sometimes get lost and set traps for other Christians. Setting traps is the sign of an evildoer. Those who set traps for others are under the control of evil, and soul burns with the fire. And believe me it is not the fire of the Holy Ghost. AMEN!

Even in the church there are those who set traps. And yes, sometimes saints fall into the traps that other saints set. Sometimes the trap is a marriage trap, set to get A married to B. At other times the trap is a money trap, or it just might be a power tray, a net set to get a position of authority. Then there are those jealousy tray, the most destructive, set up to destroy character.

It’s easy to stay out of trap if one prays: “Keep me from the traps which they have laid for me.” I know some would say, “I don’t need to pray that prayer, God always keep me from evildoers.” That’s good to know, but for others of us, we need to pray evildoers away.

David was like us, he had to pray the prayer: “Lord keep me from the snares which they have laid for me.” There were many snares set for David because David had many enemies. It’s hard to believe that any saint would have as many enemies as David, but even one enemy setting traps for us is one too many.

Someone wants you to fall, and that someone wants you to fall flat, that is flat on your face. That someone may not be in the church; that someone just might be on your job, or even in your family. It doesn’t matter who it is that sets traps for us, all that matters is that we pray for God to keep us out of traps.

David teaches us not only to pray that God keeps us out of traps, but that those who set traps fall into their own net, while we escape. Let us not fail to pray: “Keep me from the traps which they have set for me; keep me from the traps of those who practice evil. Let those who set traps for me fall into their own nets, while I go on my way safe. AMEN!

It's dangers to set trap for saints, just look around and see all the folk who have fallen into traps they have set for others. You want have to look far to see saints and sinners in ditches, traps, dug for others. Sometimes even nations fall into traps they set for other nations. Stay out of those traps: PRAY!!!!!

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