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Summary: God has called each and every one of us to an awesome task and call in our life on this earth and it is important to keep our passion burning till we complete our race on earth.

Title: Keep the passion burning!

Text: 1Tim 4:14; 2Tim1:3-14


The Holy Spirit fuels our heart with passion or fire.

When someone is touched by the Spirit of God a number of things takes place:

Love the Word of God ~ sermons no longer boring.

Worship takes on a different dimension.

A new hunger for the presence of God.

Excitement to serve God.

This is what I call “passion” or “being on fire for God.”

I am excited that God is moving amongst the young ones and they are being used by God in their schools and friends. However I am equally concern that the fire does not die down.

The bible shows many examples of people whose passion died.

~ John Mark

~ Elijah

God has called each and every one of us to an awesome task and call in our life on this earth and it is important to keep our passion burning till we complete our race on earth.

Paul wrote to Timothy on two accounts, and on both occasions, Paul encouraged young Timothy to keep his passion burning.

This evening through Paul’s writing to Timothy I want to show you five things we have to do to keep our passion burning.

1. Remember God’s prophecies (1Tim 1:18)

Paul told Timothy to fight the good fight by remembering the prophecies once made about him.

- Make it a point to write down all the prophecies, which were made, about you especially those, which in your heart you know is true. Write it down and from time to time read them.

In the heat of the battle such words can keep your passion burning.

(Share about my own prophesies)

2. Inspired by God’s heroes

Paul reminded Timothy of his grand mother and mother whom I believed have great influence over Timothy’s life. They were probably Timothy’s heroes. Paul was a Timothy’s hero.

When we have right heroes and when we look at their life it fuels up the passion within us.

Who are your heroes? Are you having right heroes in your life? Do you model your life after them?

3. Engage in God’s work (2Tim 1:8)

Timothy probably was growing discouraged because of the situations. Paul realized it and told him, hey Timothy you are energize to do God’s work by the power of God. Don’t let your passion die down. Start evangelizing again.

When we are engage in God’s work, partnering with God , we get more and more excited when we see God using us.

This will caused us to be more and more passionate in our walk as a Christian.

4. Trust God in Times of Trials (2Tim 1:12)

It is easy to be passionate for Christ when times are good and things are smooth. However when we have to suffer for Christ, or when we go through difficult times can we just be as passionate for Christ?

Timothy was going through a difficult time and was discouraged. Paul knew Timothy was discourage and he used his own life encourage Timothy to keep passionate even while going through Trials.

When going trials, doubts, and anger against God can creep in and these will quench the passion of God in our life.

5. Guard your heart with God’s word (2Tim 1:13)

The world’s value and sins has the potential of putting off the passion in your heart. Paul told Timothy to retain his teachings in his life. Paul’s teaching is of course the word of God.

Have you allowed sin to quench God’s passion in your heart?


Have you lost the passion for God? You are no longer excited about God and the things of God, this evening the Holy Spirit is present and He can ignite your heart once again.

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