Summary: Conspiracy against Jesus during His trial


John 19:15

I’ve found that in the church there is a tendency to hide or conceal the real truth about Jesus. There are those that want to bring the world into the church – whereas the church should be in the world. God’s church can’t be operated like a household or a business – but only by the revelation of the Holy Spirit and the Truths of the Word of God.

God has already mapped out his plan for the operation on the church – But man has denied this plan and formulated his own way to carry out the mission of the church.

Today’s church leaders have dismissed the Word of God, stepped on the hearts of Gods people, left there first love, unapproved the study of the Word, and dismissed the mission of the church.

In an attempt to destroy Jesus, satan thought that he would stop the church. Today there are still those that are still trying to destroy the church. – And the amazing thing is – that this destruction is not coming from the outside — this attempt is coming from within the fourwalls of the sanctuary, from administration, and from various clicks formed with the body of Christ.

My brothers and sisters – it’s time that we keep the Word alive

In our text we find ourselves at the trial of Jesus. Some of the very people He came to save, shouted against Him at His trial. – This is another reason that you shouldn’t worry when those talk about you for doing the work of God. . .

There was a underhanded conspiracy directed against Jesus. . . . This conspiracy did not at His trial, but before His birth.

It is somewhat disturbing when we realize that in a society characterized by wholesale sin, there was a conspiracy to do away with the Savior of Sinners.. . .

If one was to stop and take notice – today’s society is filled be torn asunder, unrest, tension, war both in families and against nations. . . . In a time when peace was needed – there was a conspiracy to do away with the Prince of Peace. . . .

It is a disturbing thing to realize that people who were groping in chaotic darkness conspired to do away with the Light of the World.

What is a conspiracy?

1. A conspiracy is a plot by two or more persons to commit some harmful or unlawful act

2. A conspiracy is an organized plan to destroy a person, an organization or movement.

3. A conspiracy is not some act which is committed on impulse or at the height of a heated argument – but is premeditated and skillfully outlined and geared to defeat.

In order to do away with conspiracy – we must keep the Word alive

Whenever we hear of a conspiracy to do away with someone – the first thing asked – “What are the Charges”?

How could a Man who spent all of His life – doing good to everyone – be the object of conspiracy?

Who would want to do away with a man who spent His time unstopping deaf ears; opening blinded eyes, loosing stammering tongues and raising bowed-down heads . . .

Why should there be a conspiracy to destroy a Man who revived wounded spirits and healed broken hearts.

Charges against Jesus fell in two categories. . . . Even in plots against you there a there will things stated against you. . .

These are Stated charges and Real charges. . . . If you are not guilty of the real charges – don’t worry about the stated charges.

When Jesus enemies could not find anything against Him that would stand up in court – they used technicalities in religious and civil laws and fabricated charges which appeared to be real. . . .

Today is no small matter for people to fabricate lies and street gossip that seems real, sound real, convicts real, slanders real, but is dressed up talk with a messed up walk.

When you mix half truths with whole lies you get juicy gossip. . . .

LOOK at the stated charges against Jesus?

1. He was charged with working on the Sabbath Day – For on the Sabbath day – Jesus healed a man with a withered hand.

2. He was charged with blasphemy against God – whereas Jesus referred to Himself as the

Bread of Life; The Living Water; The True Vine, The Good Shepherd, and the Resurrection and the Life.....

3. He was charged with turning peoples affection away form Caesar – when said render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto to God the things that are God’s.

BUT!! What were the “real” charges?

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