Sometimes we do not want others following in our footsteps öthat could be our children, wives, fellow church members, co workers, etc.

There are things about us, things that we have done, things that currently describe us that each one of us would say "Do not follow me in this"

Between you and me there are certain things that I want my son or any of you to follow me in. As a parent there are some things about me that I would like him to take as a model for his life. There are also some things about me that I definitely do not want Scott to pick up from me.

As you know Iâm talking about the fact that each one of us serves as a role model to someone else. How can we influence those around us÷our children or whoever to imitate us in matters of righteousness and not follow us in matters of sin?

1. Prayer: When I talk to God about the sins I am struggling with I often ask God in his mercy to keep my son from those sins. Yes Iâm fully aware that he sees me but Iâm also praying that he doesnât become like me in those things

2. Donât give up the battling against that sin: Our children and those around us will see us struggling in Godâs strength to live a righteous life and to have victory over our sins. If we cease to struggle against the sin in ourlives our children or others will see no reason in not indulging in those things themselves

3. Talk to the child and others about it. People are not blind. If you say "I was wrong when I did·."

4. Be vigilant regarding your example. The Bible tells us to watch our life and doctrine closely.

If we do these things, others following us in matters of righteousness and not in our sins, will be more likely.

At times we will detect that our children or others will have seem to have picked up on our sins. Again: Go to God in prayer. Second, talk to your child or that person about it. Third, understand that if youâve asked for forgiveness for your sin that you indeed are forgiven. Fourth: understand to that your child or that person canât just blame it all on you÷they are making a choice to sin on their own÷you arenât twisting their arm and encouraging them to sin in this way: you yourself are fighting against that sin.

Today you I and are going to consider the story of David and Bathsheba. Time and time again David is remembered as a man after Godâs own heart. When a king did what was right he was commended as one who was like his father David. However, there is one thing on Davidâs record that stands as a dark blot. His committing adultery with Bathsheba and his murdering of her husband.

To be sure, if there was one thing from his life that David would want to erase, it would have been this period in his life where he was backsliding spiritually.

Once convicted of this sin David was fully repentant and he went on with God as strong as ever. Yet when you and read of what Davidâs children were like and the problems they had, one canât help but ask the question "Did they, against their Fatherâs wishes and prayers, decide to follow him, not according to his righteousness, but according to this famous sin"

The big point I would like to make today is this: we need to be careful about what we model to our children and those around us.

My second big point is this: Thank God for his grace and the forgiveness he gives.

The account we will focus on today depicts David scraping the bottom spiritually. When you and I consider the text it appears that David was in a backslidden state for over 1 year. Yet how is he remembered in the scriptures? Thank God for restoration. Thank God for forgiveness. Thank God that there is hope for you and I.

Read text.


At times we commit terrible sins because we arrange for ourselves to be in the wrong place. Sometimes we place ourselves in right upon sins doorstep.

If we are to set a good example we must take care regarding the places we frequent and the situations we place ourselves in.

Our text tells us that David was in the wrong place. As the king of the land his place was at the head of his army. Q What was he doing staying home? For David to stay home at the door when the kings go off to war is a bad thing: would not make him look good.

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