Summary: The story of Peter and Jesus.

MARK 4: 1-20

According to this parable.. Christians respond differently... According to the word

Wayside,– Satan immediately steals the word

Stony Ground, – Hear the word, receive it, NO ROOT, Cant withstand troubles

Thorns, – Care of the world, Deceitfulness of riches, desires for other things

Good Ground– The word stays and yields a harvest of word.. Hear & Accept

We must learn to hear the word & Accept it

It’s clear... How much word you retain..

Determines how you respond

We see Christians who fall off....Cuss & Gripe... Give up.. Get mad .. Leave church

Our response in everything is determined by HOW WE RETAIN THE WORD

Every Christian goes through spiritual highs and lows

Get saved... Pinnacle...

Renewed...New creation...

The old is gone.. New has come

Many times it’s not noticeable... It’s GRADUAL...

It’s important we keep our commitment to CHRIST

Keeping your commitment to Christ

Luke 22:54-62

1. Don’t follow at a distant— Vs 54

When trying times come... We question God

His loyalty, His faithfulness, His Commitment

We’re the ones following at a distance

Hebrews 13:15 “For God himself has said, ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’”

After pastoring here over 5 years... It’s easy to see the decent.

Offended, Troubles, Hurt Feelings, Embarrised...

They begin to distant themselves from the People... Then the teaching... Then the worship


We used to able to tell by where they sat....

If they we’re serving.. Quit

If they we’re dedicated...Weren’t

We know... The farther we can get away from real love... The less we have to show it

2. Don’t Change who you fellowship with— VS 55

I preach this over and over and over... Choose friends wisely

6th grade... TERRY TAYLOR..........


Peter changed his who he fellowshipped with

When you distant yourself from Christ...

And the church....Find wrong fellowship

The crowd that was there that night.. Was uncommited about JESUS

W/In a matter of minutes... SO IS PETER

VS. 57 “But he denied him saying, “woman I do not know the man”

Your faith becomes affected

You can’t function in life without a compass.. Jesus said, “I am the way...”


They’ll change your opinions, your values, morals, speech, dress, attitude

If you want to stay committed to CHRIST.. HANG OUT W/ COMMITTED PEOPLE

Not people who need to be committed ... There’s Some of those in the church TOO

We can assess ourselves by whoe we hang out with... Find out who we are

Go to a football game... Call Sports fan... Don’t want to go by yourself

Go to the bar..................Call Party People... Don’t want to be alone

Why won’t people do the same within the church

Godly Counsel will keep you committed to CHRIST

3. Don’t deny what you now is true Vs 59-60

News flash... Peter knew Jesus

Our need for space from God can turn into Not even believing

God’s Funny... Even if you give up on him.. He loves you Forever

Peter was so adamant... He had to deny his faith... To prove his point

He knew better.... Didn’t want to be held accountable

Satan will convince you... It’s easier to live his life,,,, THAN CHRIST’S

That’s True... It is easier... IF you can deal with the Repercussions

Satan will convince you The Truth is a lie...

Only if you agree with him

All Satan Can do is talk

Once you agree with his talk... He begins destroying

Satan has no great power... Jesus isn’t afraid of Satan

Adam and Eve... He talked.... TILL THEY WE’RE IN AGREEMENT

He tried it with Jesus.... DIDN’T WORK

Up your level of commitment to Christ

1. Don’t Follow at a distance

2. Don’t change who you fellowship with

3. Don’t Deny what you know is true

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