Summary: This sermon looks at another type of wilderness experience, one of our own making.

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King David’s Story of Sin and Redemption

2 Samuel 11:1-5

In this series, we’re looking at five OT characters who experienced the wilderness in their lives, both physically and spiritually. The Judean wilderness was rugged and barren and it was a place of hopelessness and despair. It came to represent the adverse and difficult times we often experience in our lives. Every one of us is going to experience the wilderness, times of despair, hopelessness, pain, suffering and difficulty. As painful as it can be, it can often be a rich time of personal and spiritual growth. From the stories of these Biblical characters and their wilderness experiences we see what we can learn from them which will serve us as we go through our own wilderness experience.

Last week, we looked at the story of Ruth and Naomi and today we are going to look at the wilderness experience of Naomi’s great grandson, David. David had an incredible upbringing. As a boy he fought the great giant Goliath and killed him in battle. His musical ability soothed King Saul in his struggles with his sanity. He rose to become a great military leader. But as his victories on the battlefield grew, so did his popularity amongst the people. And King Saul became jealous and eventually tried to kill David to preserve his own throne. This was just one of David’s wilderness experience. He had many more in his life. Thus far in this series we have looked at wilderness experiences that have been thrust on us by others or tragedies in our lives. Today, we’re going to look at another type of wilderness experience of his own making. David’s sinful choice and his subsequent wilderness experience teaches us is that sometimes we make choices which lead to our own wilderness experience. These are the consequences of our choices we make and they can be very painful. These are times when we feel separated from God and from others and we feel great shame and guilt. Today, we will learn what God does when we sin and experience great shame and guilt and what happens when we return to Him.

David lived 1000 years before Christ and is one of the towering figures of faith in the OT and the faith of the Israelites. Sixty-four chapters are devoted to telling the story of David. More than even Jesus himself and half of the Psalms were either written by David or about David or in honor of David. The Scriptures tell us that David was a man after God’s own heart. He followed th Law, built the Temple for God, gave all of himself to God and did what was right in God’s sight. David becomes the example for all other Kings to follow and the measure by which all other Kings are judged. He even becomes the example of what what the Messiah would be as Jesus is called the son of David. So David was revered in Biblical times and even today, the flag of Israel today has the star of David on it. Every Israelits was told the stories of David as they were growing up and so everyone knew them and loved Him. David’s stories were used to teach the Israelites about faith and life and morality.

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