Summary: A sermon based loosely on Hosea 13:9-10 (Outline and much material adapted from Charles Spurgeon's sermon called Theocracy at: and opening from Sermons 4 Kids at:


Have children come up front and do a children’s minute

Needed: Firefighters hat, hard hat, cowboy hat, a crown

One of the things I enjoyed most in school was a special day called "Hat Day." All of the students and teachers wore a hat to school on that day. You would see all kinds of hats -- big hats, small hats, cloth hats, and straw hats. Some were very funny. You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of hat he wears. Sometimes, you can even tell what a person does for a living by the kind of hat he or she wears. I have some hats to show you. As I take a hat out of my bag, raise your hand if you think you know who would wear that kind of hat.

Who knows who would wear a hat like this? (Fire Fighter's Hat) Right! A fire fighter.

How about this one? (Hard Hat) Oh, you are right again. Someone who works in construction would wear a hat like this. It is sometimes called a hard hat. People who build buildings, highways, bridges, and things like that.

Have you ever seen anyone wearing a hat like this? (Cowboy Hat) Who would wear a hat like this? Yahoo! You got that right, it is worn by a cowboy or cowgirl.

Now, this next one is a little different. Let's see if you can get this one. (Crown) I wonder who would wear something like this? Can you guess? A crown is worn by a king isn't it?

We are talking about a king today. This king was different from most. He didn't live in a palace. He didn't wear a beautiful robe or a jeweled crown. He had no servants to wait on him -- and he had no soldiers to fight his battles. He didn't even have a country over which to rule and there were no coins engraved with his face or his name.

I imagine that most of you have probably guessed who this king is. The King is Jesus. He is not just any king, he is the King of Kings. His kingdom is not on earth, his kingdom is from heaven. That is why many people never chose to make him their king. When Jesus was here on earth, the people were all looking for a king who would set up a kingdom on earth. A kingdom where they would share the wealth and power.

Jesus finally wore a crown, but it was a crown of thorns. A cross became his throne and above his head was a sign for all to read, "This is the King of the Jews."

Some people still refuse to recognize Jesus as King. But all around the world today this is spoken, "Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of lords."

Pray with the children.


It's been a long time in America since we have lived under the rule and power of a king. It's been more than 200 years! That's a long time before any of us were born. It is hard for us to understand what life with a King is like.

A king is one who is the head of the state and the head of the government. No one or no thing can limit his power. The people of the kingdom are under his control and are his servants.

This is what the Continentals were fighting against during the Revolutionary War. They wanted to have freedom and have no earthly king. They were fighting against King George III of England. It was commonly said during the Revolutionary War that in America there was “no king but King Jesus.” Thomas Paine in his writting called Common Sense in 1776 said, “But where says some is the King of America? I'll tell you Friend, He reigns above.”

In this election year, we are not electing a King, we are electing a President, and a Congress. In this country there are 3 branches of the government and none of them are to be above the others. We have no king but King Jesus. We need to get back to that. If we don’t, I am afraid that we will no longer be free men. Only free when submitted to the Kingship of Christ.

Thesis: Three things: A king is the need of men. King Jesus is the answer. We need to acknowledge, submit to our King.

For instances: I. A king is the need of mankind.

Because of our weakness we need a king.

Man feels that he needs to look up to someone greater, stronger, wiser, more powerful.

“Give me a king”- someone to guide me, direct me, govern me, rule me, take care of me.

Sigh of distress

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