Summary: Study of three areas of King Solomon’s life taken from 2 Chronicles 1:1.

King Solomon

2 Chronicles 1:1

I. Introduction

King Solomon is probably most familiar for his wisdom. We know that his wisdom was not earthly wisdom gleaned from years of experience and problem solving. Rather it was wisdom that was imparted to him by God. Solomon is additionally known for building the great temple to God at Jeresulam, but little is said about the palace he built for himself which was four times larger than the temple. He was renowned for great wealth yet Jesus told his listeners that Solomon, in all his glory, was not arrayed like the lilies of the field.

Second Chronicles 1:1 points to three areas of Solomon’s life we will consider tonight.

II. King Solomon’s Lineage -- "Solomon the son of David"

A. Son of David. (A man after God’s own heart)

B. Grandson of Jesse. (A man who understood the law)

C. Great Grandson of Obed. (His name means "worshiper")

D. Great Great Grandson of Boaz. (A kinsman, a mighty man of wealth)

III. King Solomon’s Heritage -- "was strengthened in his kingdom"

A. The kingdom was still unified.

B. The kingdom was prosperous.

C. The kingdom was strong.

IV. King Solomon’s Advantage -- "the Lord his God was with him, and magnified him exceedingly."

A. God favored his family.

B. God favored him.

C. God blessed him with wisdom.

D. God heard his prayers.

V. Conclusion

For the Christian, this survey of Solomon is important because it reveals three areas of our life as well.

Our Lineage -- God is our Father.

Our Heritage -- eternal, incorruptible, undefiled inheritance.

Our Advantage -- if God be for us who can be against us?

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