Summary: Kingdom Business is what we are to be about.

Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God.

Everything else comes in second, and it

comes in a far second.

I. See the Reality of the Kingdom

A. Tangible Evidence

B. Walk by faith and not by sight

II. Seek the Rule of the Kingdom

A. ‘Kingdom’ means rule, authority

B. Your heart is a throne and someone is going to

sit on that throne

C. You cannot pray ‘Thy kingdom come’ until you

say ‘my kingdom go’

III. Show the Righteousness of the Kingdom

A. When you are seeking the control of the King

over you (rule), you will be seeking the character

of the King within you.

B. We will never make a difference in the world until

the world sees a difference in us.

IV. Share about the Ruler of the Kingdom

A. We are to extend the Kingdom

B. If Jesus is worth knowing, Jesus is worth loving.

If Jesus is worth loving, Jesus is worth serving.

If Jesus is worth serving, Jesus is worth sharing.

C. One day every knee will bow:

1. Muhammed will bow.

2. Osama bin Laden will bow.

3. Adolf Hitler will bow.

4. Every pope will bow.

5. Every person will bow.

D. People need to bow now to Jesus as Lord, not wait

until then and bow to Him as Judge.

E. As we face the flinty resistance of the stubborn will

and the embittered cynicism of the modern mind we

need to preach the kingdom with Urgency!

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