Summary: You need to go back to your local territory and be an ambassador of your kingdom, in your home, office, community, school, any where you find your self and you need to influence that area with your kingdom's will and purposes.

Today there are over 1.8 billion people on earth, different languages, different colors, different cultures but all of them are made in Gods Image. And God made each human being for the express purpose of revealing his nature in the earth. He is very clear about how he created them.

One of the saddest things that have happened to the church is what we are communicating. You are a good communicator but your information is wrong then you have been successful in contamination. Because nothing is bad as an effective communicator who communicates error.

Our only massage should be about the kingdom, the understanding and receiving of that kingdom is what will bring the other things we dedicate so much time teaching. For instance, financial breakthrough, healing, miracles should never be a teaching, because it is a natural occurrence in the kingdom. The apostles didn’t teach it, Jesus didn’t teach it. So why are we teaching them, which theology is that?

Once you get into the river, wetness will not be something to learn rather it will be natural. So lets get into the kingdom first.

The most important statement I ever saw in the bible was found in Matthew Chapter 10. There some words were spoken by Jesus to his disciples telling them to go and share some information with people.

The KINGDOM of heaven is at hand – the very same message he and john the Baptist preached.

My point is this, we have been so well educated in contaminated truth that even when truth shows up, we call it error.

The message is the KINGDOM OF GOD HERE AND NOW

Isaiah 9 vs 6. The messiah is coming with something on his shoulders. It very common in that time to carry loads on your shoulder for your master for both man and animal. They still do it in the far each today. In the time of Isaiah, a yoke is common for both male and female servants, they will calve a yoke the size of your neck and you use it to carry things for your master. This is the very concept Isaiah was talking about when he saw the messiah coming. He said and unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given, now the next statement implies two things;

1. He will be a servant, only servants carry yokes….and his shoulder shall be GOVERNMENT. So, he is coming with something on his shoulder and it is a government. Again, servants never carry loads for themselves. They carry load for someone else in most cases their master. The image I want to create in your mind now is that Jesus the messiah is coming to earth as a SERVANT with someone’s property on his shoulders and he is coming to bring it back to those to whom it belongs. He didn’t bring a religion, he didn’t bring traditions, he brought a government. And if you notice it didn’t say government(s) if you read that passage carefully. Its referring to one government, a specific kingdom. Which means that God really wants just one government on earth from the beginning and in the end, He’s gonna get it. which is why the first public statement Jesus made goes like this…the kingdom of heaven has arrived. Why is this very important?

Because as far as it is a religion you will never get the message. I am trying very hard to be delivered from religion. Once you get the religion you will miss the kingdom. That is why we practice Judaism instead just being kingdom people. I am trying to get rid of religion in my life, religion is holding me back.

Religion is man’s search for God. Its man’s attempt to reach God. that’s why religion is filled with activities, rituals because we are trying to appease God, trying to reach up to God. But this message is different. First this message is God reaching out for us, he sent his only begotten son, he was the one that reached out to us.

Secondly, he didn’t bring rituals

he brought authority,

he brought power,


and he brought the ability for you to control your environment again.

2. Government – this is a kingdom. This is so important that it is the only things Jesus taught. He tried to convince us about the kingdom so strongly that kept on using this thing called parables. In each parable he used he tried to make it simple for people to understand. To farmers he says, the kingdom of heaven is like a seed. To fisherman he says, the kingdom of God is like a man who casts a net. To the business man he says the kingdom of God is like a man who invests in a far country. To the house wife he says, the kingdom of God is like a who woman who was looking for a pearl, He kept on and on…. meaning that everybody has to get this message.

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