Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Strike the ‘Cook’ button if want to eat! Are you listening?

Knock the prayer button!

James 1:22”But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.”

On a particular day, I put the rice and the vegetables into the electric rice cooker, added water, salt and all the ingredients necessary for cooking; turned the switch on and went away. After an hour, I came anxiously to serve food for the family, anticipating the cooker to be in ‘warm up’ mode.; I was aghast to see the items inside the cooker just still! No noise! No aroma of food! Oops! I then found that I had not clicked the ‘cook’ mode for the action to start! We had to wait for another hour to eat! Strike the ‘Cook’ button if want to eat! Are you listening?

Many read books on praying, watch enormous sermons on praying, hear endless testimonies of praying; yet, they have not knocked the ‘prayer mode’ in their life which is precisely the reason why their family and life have no progress! I know there are many out there anxiously looking out for my devotions; however, how many of you have actually gone down to performing them in your life? Tell me. Just reading would do no good, I’m not writing novels – I’m teaching your stuff so that you do and get benefitted. Are you listening? Let me repeat: Strike the ‘Cook’ mode if want to eat! Are you listening?

After my salvation experience, besides the Bible, I was reading spiritual books like crazy; I would start a big fat biography of servants of God and gobble it up in a couple of days – such was my thirst for God. ‘Good morning Holy Spirit’ written by Rev Benny Hinn, ‘Torn Veil’ of Gulshan Esther testimony and much, much more had touched my heart deeply. Now, I just did not read and forget, I started the practice of telling ‘Good morning Jesus’ after reading the testimony of Rev Benny Hinn. Till date I do that. Come on, we need some doers and achievers! Strike the ‘Cook’ mode if want to eat! Are you listening?

I heard a vibrant, anointed, powerful pastor share his spiritual exercise and the number of chapters of Bible he reads and meditates every day, that set my heart on fire to read more of the Word. I set a target for my Bible reading and keep improving on them regularly. No fun in keeping a Bible that you seldom open and know nothing about; you got to read through and through so that you know about your God, His ways and also how to win! Are you listening? Instead of spending useless time clicking and uploading photos, I recommend you read His Word that would give you real joy rather than the pseudo happiness that we see on photos! Are you listening? Strike the ‘Cook’ mode if want to eat! Are you listening?

Ravenously I started reading the Bible with an infant and a teenaged daughter in my life and as a working mother in a multinational bank; I would put my daughter to sleep, rock my son on my lap and start praying in the night. Then I would read the Word in the quietness of the night with tears of understanding and love for my Savior who picked me up from the dirt and cleansed me with His blood. Come on, if you love Him for saving you, if you are grateful for His mercy, if you are thankful for all the blessings, then show it in deeds! Strike the ‘prayer mode’ and get some fire in your life!

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