Summary: Church is the only potential entity to bring changes in the society. God’s people are placed everywhere, wherever the people fight to establish the Kingdom of God values then and there the Church exists.

Theme: The Church and the World Powers

Text: Eph. 6:10-20

Introduction: Church is the only potential entity to bring changes in the society. God’s people are placed everywhere, wherever the people fight to establish the KOG values then and there the Church exists. Samartha Said: “God fights with the tyrant rulers and oppressors through freedom fighters irrespective of their faith and religions”.

Paul talks three final things.

• Know your enemy and be strong

• Put on the whole Armor of God to stand against tricks of devil

• Give a good fight through praise and prayers

1. Finally Know your enemy (v.10-12):

Mostly we fight within ourselves instead of fighting outside. Disciples of Christ need to fight with threefold enemies: World, Flesh and Satan.

What is world? God created it, and saw that it was good. Sin brought rift between God and man, also split between world and man. Sin took the authority of man over the world, hence, Satan seized it as his own property (Read: Lk.4:5-7). Jesus did not deny Satan’s claim. However, he regained the authority and declared after the resurrection that ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me’(Mt.28:18). However, today the world is caught up in ritualism, asceticism, legalism and institutionalism. Even the Church is victimized with all these. We can’t allow the world to squeeze us but we should control the world powers.

What about Flesh? World is connected with the flesh as per the statements of St. John (1. Jn.2:15-16) don’t love three things of the World. the world has only the desires of the flesh, desires of the eyes and the pride of life. The Desires and works of the flesh are listed by Jesus and by Paul (Read: Mk.7:20-23 & Gal 5:16-21). The desires of the eyes were seen in the eyes of Eve (Gen.3:6) and in the eyes of Achan (Josh (7:21) and in the eyes of the Gehazi (2 Ki.5:20, 22-24). Of course, We had seen the pride of Life through Nebuchadnezzar (Dan.4:30-32).

Who is Satan or Devil? in regard to devil Christians are having two kinds beliefs: either denying the very existence of Satan, or believe that behind every problem Satan is present. Paul was not an ignorant and illiterate person like other disciples who were fisherman to have gullible ideas. He was a first class intellectual, learned Doctor in Theology. He believed strongly that Satan exists. So, he reverberated to be strong in the LORD.

Devil can’t be taken lightly. the ruler of the world(Jn.12:31,14:30, influences the governments16:11-however he is condemned), He is the power of the air(Eph.2:2-influences philosophies and religions, media world, add world), He is known as the god of this world( he tempts men with wine, woman and wealth-2 Cor.4:4, and he tempts women with Hold, Gold and Bold), He is an Angel of Light (Read:2 Cor.11:14- twisting the gospel light, victimizing believers with wrong teachings), He is a liar and murderer from the beginning(Jn.8:44), He is slanderer and an accuser(Zech.3:1). He is a roaring lion (bringing fear and sudden attack –1 Pet.5:8, Jas.4:7). He steals the Word of God from the hearts of the hearers (Lk.8:12, Jn.10:10), and he is a deceiver (Rev.20:10).

Today we see various kinds of modern crimes. Scotland Police inspector made the Statement: The person behind the new crimes is “Mr. X”. Mr. X is nobody else than the devil. Read: 2 Cor.10:4-5- hence, we rage war against strongholds, arguments, proud obstacles and knowledge. Read: Rev.12:1,7-9,13,17-Satan fights with the children of the woman (Church).

2. Finally put on Whole Armor of God (v.13-17):

Good Solider needs submission and obedience (unchallenging and unquestioning of commander’s order). No place for rebellion, either inward or outward, silent or vocal. No individualism allowed only obedience to the command as one Battalion.

In Lk.7:1-10 we read that a Centurion tells of his power that he can command any soldier to “go” “come” and “do”. Jesus the corner stone also a stumbling stone to the disobedience (1 Pet 2:4ff).

What are the armours:

Put on the girdle of truth: which is an integrity, sincerity, honesty with one another (Is.11:5). The breastplate of righteousness means right with men and God (Ac.24:16). Shoes of Peace helps to move even rough unfamiliar ground. Be a peace makers and pieces maker. The shield of faith makes a wall, if all soldiers stand side by side, no arrows can penetrate them. Yes, if we all can stand together no weapon will overcome us. Helmet of Salvation is protection of mind and attitudes. Satan makes us tired, wearisome, and disillusioned. Paul never been defeated in his mind and will power in midst of his numerous problems in mission work (2 Cor.11:23-29). the sword of the Spirit (He 4:12) is the Word of God. Jesus used only one sentence during his temptations was “it is written” (Mt.4:4,7,10). All these were defensive armours.

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