Summary: Have you forgotten the feeling of dedication, passion and hunger for Christ? A vital,vibrant, powerful,life-changing relationship with the Lord comes to those who make knowing Him a priority in their lives.

Writing in Moody Monthly magazine, Mayo Mathers tells about the first time she saw Keith sitting alone in a pew at the back of the church. He wore a biker’s T-shirt and tattoos decorated each arm. Only 36, he was more faded then his jeans with a worn out, lived-out look in his eyes. He seemed puzzled, as if he wasn’t sure how he ended up in that tiny country church. He was there because someone has invited him. Someone wanted to introduce Keith to Jesus Christ. Someone yearned for him to come to know Christ in a life changing way. Keith certainly needed the Lord. From the first time of his marriage at age 15,

his life had gone steadily and tragically downhill. He’s tired most of what the world had to offer but nothing brought him the happiness, and meaning and peace he craved. Keith was a drug user; an ex-con and he constantly battled alcoholism

Keith returned to church the next week…. and the next… and the next. People lovingly reached out to him, accepted him, and prayed for him. Eventually Keith accepted Christ as personal Savior and Lord. He began his new life in Christ with an astonishing passion, yearning to know Christ better and better. Keith devoured his Bible; fellowship became a priority. He faithfully prayed and worshiped. And he grew and grew in Jesus. Oh, he had his difficulties,

failures, and setbacks; it was not all-smooth sailing; he lost some battles along the way. But, my, did his life ever change.

Keith lived in a tiny camping trailer parked at the back off his parents’property. His main passion was his motorcycle. It was his life, his passion; it

was all he really had. When challenged to give something to God, he sold his motorcycle and gave the money to the Lord. Needless to say, Keith’s hunger to

know Christ and His transforming power had an impact on those around him, both in and out of the church. Touched by his life, the author of the Moody Monthly

article wrote: “After Keith gave his motorcycle to the Lord, I realized that I had forgotten the feeling of such dedication…passion… and hunger for Christ. I

stared at Keith, fascinated by his life. He looked like a new man; now I was he one who looked faded”


Knowing Christ is God’s greatest desire for every one of us, and it is without question, in our very best interests. Down and outers like Keith are

not the only ones who need to know the Lord. People from all walk of life and every strata of society have discovered the wonderful difference that a personal relationship with Christ makes in their lives. Dr. Evertett Koop, former Surgeon General of the U.S. tells people that his greatest desire is to know his savior better. Former President Jimmy Carter’s life centers around his relationship with the Lord. Dr. Francis Collins is a biochemist that as Director of the prestigious Human Genone Project is responsible for overseeing the mapping out of our DNA code. This well respected scientist is a Christian and his relationship with Christ is of utmost importance. Millions of people are making the discovery that there is nothing more important than knowing the

Lord. The apostle Paul also made that discovery and did it ever change his life. He discovered that his brilliance, wealth, prestigious family background,

and accomplishments were nothing compared to knowing the Savior.


Desiring that others make that same discovery, Paul prayed in our morning text that the believers in Ephesus “…. MIGHT KNOW CHRIST BETTER” (vs. 17). Knowing Christ is one of Scripture’s ways of describing saving faith. John 17:3 declares, “NOW THIS IS ETERNAL LIFE: THAT THEY MIGHT KNOW YOU, THE ONLY TRUE GOD, AND JESUS CHRIST, WHOM YOU HAVE SENT.” Scripture equates “knowing Christ” with having eternal life. The Greek word that is translated know is ginosko. In the N.T. ginosko frequently indicates a relation between the person knowing and the object known. What is known is of value or importance to the one who knows, and hence the establishment of a relationship. The idea of appreciation, knowledge, and relationship is inherent in the Biblical word “know.” (W.E. Vine) Thus to “know Christ” is to have a personal relationship with Him. “Such

knowledge of Christ is obtained, not by mere intellectual activity, but by operation of the Holy Spirit consequent upon acceptance of Christ.” Those who know Christ, Scripture declares, gain eternal life.

Hence, it is vitally importance that we truly know Christ. It involve much more than just knowing some fact about Him. I know a lot about President George

Bush. I know where he grew up, went to college and how he made his money. But I do not know George Bush. The facts are helpful but they are not enough. Knowing

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