3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: There are tremendous benefits to knowing Christ.

#23, 9-9-07

Knowing Christ


1) Do you have just religion of a personal relationship with Christ?

2) How important is your relationship with Christ?

3) To Paul it means everything, his relationship with Christ was the most important thing in his life

4) Why is knowing Christ so important

Text; Philippians 3:8-11

I. We Have a Righteousness from God

A. “Not a righteousness of my own”

1. Self righteousness based on religious credits

2. Our righteousness is filthy rags (Isa. 64:6)

Application: Religious acts have value only if they bring you closer to Christ.

B. “ A righteousness which comes from Christ

1. God can make us righteous through doing two things, remove the sin, And then replace sin with righteousness

2. This done through faith in Christ

II. We Have the Power of His Resurrection

A. Christ’s power of resurrection

1. The power of the Holy Spirit

2. Over came all the powers of darkness and death

B. We have the same power in us

1. Through knowing Christ the Holy Spirit indwells us

2. We have the power to overcome anything!

III. We Have the Fellowship of His Suffering

A. The suffering of Christ

1. Christ suffered for our sins (Isa. 53)

B. Our suffering can bring us closer to Christ

IV. We Have the Resurrection of the Dead

A. Rapture or Resurrection?

1. Rapture – if you are alive

2. Resurrection – if you are dead

B. Our bodies will be transformed (3:21)

How much are you getting out of your relationship with Christ?

If you’re not getting much then you most not have much of the relationship with


Are you growing in righteousness?

Are you experiencing the power to overcome?

Are you growing closer to Christ through suffering?

What kind of a relationship do you have with Christ?

Do you just know about Him?

Do you know Christ personally?

Have you received Christ?

Does the Spirit of Christ indwell you?

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