Summary: Help on how to survive the spiritual and emotional droughts of life and keep on living in Christ

SERMON: Surviving the Drought by Knowing God 1 Peter 1:1-9 Sept 8, 2002

(First in a series)

I. The Droughts of Life – Introduction

A. We are in a Drought

1. It began in May 1998. We are now in our fifth year of a drought.

2. Here in Carroll County we are in one of the most severe drought areas. Based on a 30 year average by this time each year we should have received 39”. We have received 26. We are thirteen inches short for the year. Imagine, that is a foot of rain multiplied by the land mass – that is a lot of water that we are missing

3. Daily soil moisture levels are critically low. Streams are at or near record daily low levels. Lake Lanier is down 8 feet.

4. Many of us don’t act like we know it. I mean how many of you have really significantly changed your lifestyle because of if. Truth is we are in a drought and it is serious. The drought is a reality for our lives. You just can’t tell it by looking at us.

B. Funny but it seems that practically every area of life has its seasons of drought – our jobs, marriages, families, churches. Times when we feel overwhelmed by life and its circumstances. Times when we feel we are walking around in the dark, numb, weary and defeated.

1. Our human strength to endure has wore out but no one around us really notices or understands the seriousness of what we are feeling.

2. Even our spiritual life is in danger of drought. There are times when we feel spiritually worn out, numb, weary, frustrated, and alone. Times when just living day to day takes everything out of you and there is nothing left inside but emptiness. For some this drought seems to last for days and weeks for others it seems to have been a going on for years and for others it is a drought of heartache they have experienced for their whole life.

C. Spiritual weariness is as old as the human race. It began in the Garden of Eden and has been afflicting for generation ever since. It was prevalent when Jesus came to earth. When our Lord saw the multitudes he recognized the symptoms. It affected him so much that he cried out, “Come to me all who are labored and heavy burden and I will give you rest. When the future looked so uncertain to the disciples he said “Don’t worry, your heavenly father knows about your needs. And he cares for you.

1. You see when we are experiencing the droughts of life, there is comfort to be found for there is one who knows and understands our pain and suffering. There is One who is weeping for the distress we are in, weeping for the sorrow and anxiety in which you are suffer. And he is your greatest ally, our greatest source of strength, our ability to survive the drought, to endure the hardships of this life rests in him.

D. But how, how do you find a that fresh renewal, that sense of peace when you a suffering and hurting so much? When you have experienced so much loss and disappointment? When you feel empty and alone?

1. This morning we are beginning a series on “Surviving the Drought” based on 1 Peter. It is a series of revival and renewal. Not a revival in the sense that you are to come every night for a week or in the sense of an evangelistic meeting under a tent. But revival in a Biblical sense that is best described by the Greek new testament word , egerio, which means “To awaken from sleep” God wants in intervene in your life to awaken your spirit to a new day.

(a) For some it is easy, the alarm goes off and you are up and out of bed before the second chirp of the alarm.

(b) For others, like myself, it takes a little longer – you have to hear the music of the alarm several times before you can find the strength to get out of bed.

(c) For others, like Rosie, you have to the daylights shaken out of you before you begin to open your eyes.

2. What ever your point of need is, wherever you are right now, I pray that you will commit to be here every Sunday for the next four weeks, that you will commit to seeking Spiritual revival.


1. Lord, you know which each of us stand this morning. You know the burdens of our hearts. You know better than we know ourselves what our needs are. May you speak to us in the moment, may we be open to your love and guidance. May we find renewal, peace and strength in you. AMEN

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