Summary: There are lots and lots of books out there that can assist you in discovering God’s will for your life but I propose that the answer to that question is quite easily found in the bible.

Knowing God’s Will

Mark 3:31-35

August 2, 2009

I. Introduction:

A. As I mentioned last time Jesus didn’t exactly have the full support of His family when he began His ministry vs.20-21.

B. Verse 31 picks up the account after His confrontation with the Pharisees.

1. His family wanted Him to come home with them.

2. They were concerned that He was going a little too far.

3. The brothers who were there probably included James and Jude who later became believers and authored letters found in our bible.

4. They weren’t there to listen and support His ministry they were there to take Him back home to talk some sense into Him.

5. Isn’t it ironic?

a) In the least His mother should have known Lk.2.

b) They had all grown up with Him in the same home they should have understood His propensity for spiritual things.

6. They should have known that what He was doing was God’s will.

C. When Jesus was informed that they were there vs.31 He made a startling response vs.34-35.

D. Have you ever wanted to do something that you felt was prompted by God?

1. Maybe it was to start or get involved in some ministry.

2. Maybe it was the opportunity to change jobs.

3. Maybe it was a move to a new city.

4. Maybe it was someone you felt God was telling you to talk to about Christ.

E. All of these things big or small are things we should seek God’s will for.

F. The question is how do I know what God’s will is?

G. This can be one of the biggest dilemma’s we face as Christians but according to what Jesus said here it is vitally important to know what God’s will is.

H. If you are walking with the Lord discovering and obeying His will should be one of the most important parts of your life.

I. The thing is though – God doesn’t always make His will known the way we would like Him to.

1. We want Him to lay it all out for us in a neat little package tied with a bow.

2. But God seldom speaks directly to people.

3. Few people have or will have a dramatic revelation as to what God’s will is.

J. There are lots and lots of books out there that can assist you in discovering God’s will for your life but I propose that the answer to that question is quite easily found in the bible.

K. We are going to look at 6 things about God’s will for us.

II. Knowing God’s will

A. It is God’s will that you be saved.

1. 2Pet.3:9 – 1Tim.2:1-4.

2. This is where God’s will begins.

a) A person cannot begin to know God’s will until he has been saved.

b) This is the basis of our fellowship with Christ Mk.3:35.

c) Until you have done God’s will here there is no need to search for the rest of God’s will.

3. So God’s will first of all is that you be saved.

B. It is God’s will that you be Spirit filled

1. Eph.5:17-18.

a) Don’t be foolish – without reason, senseless.

b) Be constantly being filled with the HS.

2. What does it mean to be Spirit filled?

a) James 4:5 says that the Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously.

b) Gal.5:17 explains what He desires.

c) Ro.6 tells us that we chose whom we yield to.

(1) Vs.1-5 it is the Spirit who baptizes us into Christ.

(2) Vs.12-14 we have a part in resisting sin.

3. How?

a) By saturating yourself with Him.

(1) Eph.5:19.

(2) Col.3:16Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly…

(a) The word translated dwell means to live at home.

(b) The idea is that the word of God should be at home in our lives.

b) Being Spirit filled is allowing God’s word to saturate you so that you know Him and obey His word.

4. Illustrations

a) Alka Seltzer – water takes on the characteristics of the tablet.

b) Glove – when you put it on the glove does what the controlling hand wants it to do.

C. It is God’s will that you be sanctified.

1. 1Thess.4:3a

a) Sanctification means – set apart from sin to holiness.

b) There are 3 aspects of sanctification.

(1) Positional – Heb.10:10,14 – we are holy or set apart by our relationship with Christ.

(2) Ultimate – the time of our complete conformity with Christ 1Jn.3:1-3.

(3) Experiential – holiness of life – pure living, it is God’s will that we live pure lives.

2. 3 Guidelines to follow.

a) Abstain from sexual immorality vs.3

(1) Avoid it.

b) Possess (control) your body in purity and honor vs.4.

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