Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Who are the pure in heart and where do they see God? While we are at it why don’t all see God?

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the Pure in heart!

Hi as you know we’ve been wandering through the beatitudes, well today’s beatitude or the blessing that Jesus talks about is “Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.”

There’s been an interesting discovery this week in the science world and it’s that they have discovered particles that travel faster than the speed of light. Now they will have to rewrite the text books, Albert Einstein was a little off the mark it seems.

There is also a discovery about our species that many already know but requires some clarification. Now this ties in with this verse about the pure in heart , it is that there are two subspecies of Homo sapiens. These subspecies have been known by mankind their fellow “Homo sapiens or Knowing man” for many years; well at least two thousand years since the pure in heart were first seen as a distinct group. They are Homo sapiens (selffocusedamii) and Homo sapiens (purein hearteii). Before we go any further lets just have a look at a power point which shows the distinct physical features of each subspecies.

These subspecies have not as yet been researched by science but are definitely known to people who encounter each of them.

Often the selffocusedamii is known by the damage it leaves behind it, damage to individuals-others of it’s species it encounters and its environment, taking what it can and not contributing other than to fill its own pocket, get what it wants or feed its ego but it can lead a very quiet existence which only seems to result in harm to a small number and itself; whereas the pure in hearteii, gives of itself and contributes to its surroundings and those who it encounters.

As you see the specimen on the left, Homo sapiens (selffocusedamii) and the specimen on the right Homo sapiens (purein hearteii) are both stunning examples of the adult male of their particular subspecies, [pp exactly the same photo of myself] both are really quite indistinguishable from one another at first glance.

These subspecies do however live together in community often with selffocusedamii taking what it can from other selffocusedamii and purein hearteii. Strangely the Homo sapiens species there are occurrences of some individuals fitting into both subspecies; often there is a dynamic life change that can occur that means that members of the subspecies selffocusedamii change subspecies to purein hearteii. Also while it is rare purein hearteii can revert to selffocusedamii.

Some individuals having rested for a night can wake up unsure as to which sub species they are that day and in their confusion usually revert to Homo sapiens selffocusedamii. Let’s have a closer look at each subspecies.

Homo sapiens (selffocusedamii) as a subspecies it is all about the individual, while able to coexist with other Homo sapiens this creature is self focused and if something gets in the way of what it wants it is quickly cast aside, they have a theme tune that they play over in their heads, ‘it’s all about me’ or ‘I did it my way’ appear to be the most popular. On seeing something that they want it becomes their precious, these creatures are driven by a desire to possess, sometimes a thing, some times a feeling, sometimes a status, some times another member of either subspecies, often there is a need for these creatures to just be in control to the detriment of others, control of the TV remote, the money, the thinking of others, selffocusedamii have a tendency to act out their feelings.

Often as individuals these creatures are angry with authority figures, God in particular if they know of him, some even say they follow him, but they are angry with him because of some wrong that came about through the sin of another of their sub species or as a result of the fall of the original Homo sapiens; the first Knowing Man and woman who first knew the difference between good and evil.

Homo sapiens (selffocusedamii) are never completely happy, they are often confused by their motives, sometimes they are found voicing their thoughts to the horror of those around them of either subspecies, and they will refuse assistance to resolve issues that trap them in their (selffocusedamii) existence, for selffocusedamii know best.

Homo sapiens (Purein hearteii) on the other hand is creature that by and large that has been freed from its selffocusedamii existence, I said by and large because there is a as I have mentioned earlier some individuals who seem to exist as both sub species at the same time. It has been suggested that these are a separate and third sub species Homo sapiens (sittingondafencamii) [PP Me sitting on a fence] some times referred to as (lukewarmamii) [pp just looking confused]. Because of this groups ability to exist in either subspecies group they are never really any use in the purein hearteii group because they aren’t pure in heart.

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