Summary: Do you desire to know how to experience spiritual victory and avoid falling into the sinful ways of the false teachers?

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Knowing Victory through Christ

Jude 24-25

PROPOSITION: Because Christ has the power to preserve you, you must trust Him during these apostate times.

I. Always yield yourself to Christ.

A. Christ will preserve you unto salvation.

1. It is his work and office to preserve them.

2. He has the ability to protect you from apostasy.

B. Christ will present you to the Father.

1. He will present you without fault.

2. He will present you with great joy.

II. Always exalt the person of Christ.

A. Praise Christ for His work of salvation.

1. He is the one true God.

2. He is the one true Savior.

B. Praise Christ for His divine attributes.

1. Praise Him for His greatness.

2. Praise Him for all eternity.

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