Summary: It is your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

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This week, we are considering a message entitled, “I need a miracle.”

2 Chronicles 16:9: “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him...”

Every day, God watches out for an opportunity to do a great thing for you when your heart is perfect towards him. Anyone who claims that he does not need a miracle must be somebody without goals in life. We are all in need of miracles and thank God, we have the God of miracles.


It is an event beyond the power of any human being; an event beyond any physical law. it is a supernatural occurrence or a wonderful thing brought about by the power of God. Sometimes the Bible refers to it as mighty works or marvelous things. When God does it, He does it to His own glory. Anywhere you see human beings, miracles are needed. Paul the apostle had been inside a ship for a long time and the people with him in the ship refused to listen to the voice of God. Rather, they listened to the devil and started to reap the result. Sailing became dangerous and they spent a long time on the sea in anguish. Most of them stopped eating. They threw their luggage into the sea and it was dark for many days. They had given up hope on living. To worsen the situation, the ship in which they were travelling, hit a rock and was shattered to pieces. But one way or the other, they all got to the shore on splinters of wood. When they got to the shore, Apostle Paul, the man of God sat down to warm himself by the fire and a viper jumped out of the woods and fastened to his hand, wanting to disgrace him. All other prisoners and the sailors were there. It did not go for them. I do not know which serpent has fastened itself to your own hand but one thing I know is that God can shake it into the fire. That was what happened to Paul. As the people there were waiting for him to fall down and die, thinking he was evil, he shook the snake into the fire and did not fall down neither did he die. When they found that he did not die, they changed their mind and gathered around him as he continued to demonstrate the power of God in their midst. So the disgrace that the enemy planned for him was converted into a revival. God is still in that business of having His children throw serpents into the fire. Paul threw the snake away and its poison had no effect on him. That was a miracle.

If miracles work contrary to human logic then you expect the unusual or the unexpected to happen whenever you are praying for a miracle. If you were going to be looking at what your biology or sciences say, you would be far from miracles. When you come to God, know that what you considered to be logical would be illogical to Him. What you think is completely illogical may be the right thing to God. The Bible makes us to understand that God still works miracles. Unfortunately, these days, many people do not agree that the human brain has its own limit. Anything such people cannot understand with their brain, they just conclude it cannot happen. What a shallow way of looking at things.

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