Summary: "Your house is left desolate." This is one of the saddest declarations coming from the mouth of Jesus. What brought this declaration?

April 21, 20001


A. Review of Previous Topics

1. Sunday—Called to Repentance

2. Monday—Called to Godliness

3. Tuesday—Called to Service

4. Wednesday—Called to Victory

5. Friday—Called to Glory

B. Today’s Topic—Lamentations Over Jerusalem

1. This title is perhaps an oxymoron title

2. Oxymoron—a figure of speech in which opposite meaning or suggestion are used together.

a. A wise fool

b. Cruel kindness

c. Christian Rock

d. Save by works


A. Meaning of Jerusalem

1. “Teaching of Peace.”

2. “City of Peace”

B. Future Jerusalem—Isaiah’s Prophecy. Isaiah 11:6-9

1. Jerusalem is a city of harmony

a. The wolf will live with the lamb

b. Leopard will lie with the goat

c. The cow will feed with the bear

2. Jerusalem is a city where character and nature transformation could be seen

a. The lion will eat straw like the ox

3. Jerusalem is a city where fear is totally vanished

a. The infant will play near the hole of the cobra

b. Young child puts his hand into the viper’s nest

4. Jerusalem is a city of safety

a. They will neither harm nor destroy

5. Jerusalem is a city full of God’s knowledge

C. Present Jerusalem

1. City of religious contention

a. Muslim

i. Dome of the Rock, covers the spot from which Muhammed is believed to have risen to heaven.

b. Jews

i. Wailing Wall, what is left of Solomon’s Temple.

ii. Mount Moriah, a site where Abraham offered his son, Isaac, as a burnt offering.

c. Christians

i. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus is believed to have been crucified and buried.

2. City of strife

a. Palestinians and Jews are constantly fighting

b. Death is a common event

D. Past Jerusalem

1. Historical Importance

a. Chosen capital by David

b. Site of various prophetic activities

c. Site of Solomon’s Temple

d. Site of God’s dwelling

2. Solomon’s Prayer.

a. Solomon’s Prayer. 1 Kings 8:22-53

b. God’s Answer to Solomon’s prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:1-3

3. Jesus’ activities in Jerusalem

a. The Triumphal Entry. Matthew 21: 1:11

b. The cleansing of the temple. Matthew 21:12-21

c. Parables and teaching in the temple

d. Lamentations over Jerusalem. Matthew 23:37-39

4. Reasons for His Lamentations

a. False expectations about the Messiah

i. Wanted him to be a secular king

ii. To free them from the Roman bondage

b. False practices in the temple

i. Money changers

ii. Animal sellers

c. False teachings—Rebuke to the Pharisees

i. Seven woes to the Pharisees

d. False lifestyles

i. Outward godly appearance. Matthew 23:26-27

ii. Personal pride

e. Persecution of God’s messengers. Matthew 23:37

f. Constant refusal of His love and care. Matthew 23:37-39


After forebearing with his children, Jesus finally declared, "Your house is left desolate."

The church building, no matter how beautiful it may be, is useless without God’s presence.

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