Summary: A Call to Guard the Fundamentals of the Faith

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The importance of the landmark in Bible times can be traced back to that time when God set the boundaries for the children of Israel as they entered into the promised land. Landmarks existed before this time to serve as both reminders of special events and as physical reminders of the boundary lines of properties. They took on special meaning to those inheritors of God’s promise in this new land. Removal of a landmark was a crime punishable by death, since it not only sought to defraud man, but also to undermine the authority of God. As time passed, these landmarks took on a secondary meaning as well. In Proverbs 22:28 it reads: “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”

These landmarks became associated with the spiritual boundaries that God had proscribed for His people. Just as God had set both spiritual and physical boundaries for His people then, He has set them for us today. “Don’t touch those landmarks!” is the cry that must go up today. In a time when Satan has gazed intently upon our landmarks and has sought to remove as many as possible, it is time that Christians wake up and realize the importance associated with these landmarks.

ILL. When my brother-in-law was landscaping the home in which my parents now live (they have since purchased it from him), he decided to plant some fast-growing, tall trees to help break the wind. He was very meticulous (as always) and planted the trees along the boundary line of the neighbor’s property. When the trees were planted, nourished, and well on their way to becoming healthy, the neighbor informed him that some of those trees were on his property, and since they were on his property he considered them to be his trees. Years later when a dispute arose regarding a pond that lay on both properties, this same neighbor hired a fencing contractor to put up fence directly through the pond. This man knew his boundaries quite well. He knew exactly where his property ended and where his neighbor’s began. While his responses might be unorthodox, his determination to keep his landmarks established is worthy of note. He did not want to lose anything to another by allowing the landmarks to be obscured or moved.

ILL. Some of our landmarks have already been moved. Take for instance the landmark that has been moved in our own time in the protection of the unborn. In 1970 (the year I graduated from high school) the two most hotly debated subjects were euthanasia (the killing of the elderly) and abortion. Little would I have dreamed that just three short years from that time, it would be lawful in our country to commit infanticide. Now the totals of this slaughter reach high into the millions with no seeming end in sight. We watched in disbelief at Nazi Germany as the internment death camps were uncovered by the Allied troops as the war ended. We wondered how the good people of Germany could have closed their eyes to this holocaust, yet we have done the same today with our own American Holocaust. This nation will not stand before God innocent someday, but shall stand shoulder to shoulder with all the barbaric murderers of history. Our landmark was moved and we realized it only too late. Now we live with the horror of our inaction. Because our landmark has been moved, we are forced to live with a boundary that has been moved. That movement has left a society searching for the right answers, for without the landmark to guide them, the world can only grope.

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