Summary: America is in trouble today, but still God has the power to deliver a nation from destruction if we get serious about the holy business of prayer.

I. Introduction

· I would never have predicted one change that came about in this country after September 11, 2001. The return to popularity of the American flag.

· The fact that the flag is flying everywhere since that time is a good sign, but it is not enough just for the flag to flap in the breeze, there should be real patriotism.

· Most of us would conclude that this country has not returned, yet, to the true sense of patriotism we once had, and need to have again. However, there has been a strong re-awakening of an old truth… God is a part of America!

· A century ago… the whole country would have banked their hearts on the truth that God has blessed America, and that America is God’s country!

· The fact is, God is a part of American culture! But it is not just an icon, or a fashion, it is a spiritual truth!

· This country exists in its greatness because of the blessings of God! Deny that, and you deny its heritage! But what is far worse, if we deny that, we deny this country’s hope!

· God’s Word is clear… America can be healed, if her people will pray and turn toward Him.

· What is the process by which America can be brought back to God? Her people must...

o Stop Looking In

o Start Calling Out

o Start Looking Up

o Stop Stepping Out

1. We Must STOP LOOKING IN (“Humble Ourselves”)

· Today, our land is filled with sin. We have forgotten God! We have decided we don’t need Him, so we put Him on a back shelf in our closet.

· As soon as the majority of Americans (who believe in God and country and morality), moved God to the rear of our priorities… then our ideals, our visions, and our character started slipping down the drain.

· The sinful, unseemly elements, of wicked rebellious minorities started springing to the forefront, and demanded their rights!

· Instead of becoming angry with a righteous indignation for the Lord’s sake, we started saying…. “so what? I don’t care… just leave me alone”. “Give them what they want so they will shut up and leave me alone!”

· We have been utterly SELFISH! We have been utterly ARROGANT! We have considered OURSELVES more important than God, or land, or country!

· Today, the call is to HUMBLE OURSELVES! We need to “STOP LOOKING IN” only at ourselves!

2. We Must START CALLING OUT (“Pray”)

· In America, we have always been so proud of the fact that we are self-made individuals!

· We own our own homes! We build our own bank accounts! We make our own businesses!

· In the first place, that is a lie! God blessed us with all of this by His grace.

· In the second place, that is an evil wicked habit of life! How revolting it is to not realize our dependency on God!

· Do we want to continue living in America? Do we want to continue to live in our homes, on our land? Do we want to continue to see blessings on ourselves, our kids, and our grandkids?

· The we better learn the fact that we are to PRAY!!

· The time has come that we must quit acting like we own the world and acknowledge our dependency on the Lord!

· When is the last time you fell to your knees to pray for this country for her to come back to God?

· We must learn to PRAY to START CALLING OUT that God will save our country!

3. We Must START LOOKING UP (“Seek His Face”)

· Praying in fact is the key… we must do it! However, God will not hear our prayers if we don’t mean business about loving Him and living for Him!

· How important it is that we realize that we cannot continue to indulge in sin!

· We are told that we must SEEK HIS FACE! We must START LOOKING UP in order to seek Him and know what His will is, that we may accomplish it for Him.

· We must start reading the Word in earnestness in order to know His will for our lives!

· We must start asking God to clean up our heart and our lives and ridding us of sin!

· Martin Luther used to say that the more he prayed, and the closer he drew to God, the more sinful and wicked he would see that he was, in every facet of his life.

· We must SEEK HIS FACE in order to meet His approval and be pleasing in His sight!

4. We Must STOP STEPPING OUT (“Turn from Our Wicked Ways”)

· Finally, God knows we mean business when we “turn from our wicked ways”.

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