Summary: The first message in a series onthe seven deadly sins.

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VIRUS: Hidden Infections of the Spiritual Life

Laziness – Sitting Pretty on Your La-Z-boy Throne

Intro: We live in a world of germs and viruses. In many ways we live in fear of the next mutation. Whether it’s the flu or the threat of germ warfare, we live in a time in which the micro-biological world is a powerful enemy. Since 1981, there have been some 950,000 cases of AIDS. West Nile now claims up to 150 people per year. While there are no cases of Mad Cow Disease or the Bird Flu it’s believed a single case could become a disastrous epidemic b/c there is no real antidote or cure. Yet while we have a good reason to be concerned about the viruses and germs floating around waiting to infect our lives, I believe we should have an even greater concern about the spiritual viruses that seek to infect our souls.

Trans: During the Middle Ages, church leaders identified (7) spiritual viruses that if left unchecked could destroy the soul. They called them the (7) deadly sins: Laziness, Lust, Anger, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, and Greed. It was believed that these items carried w/ them a deadly spiritual toxin that could destroy one’s life. But in and of them-selves they’re not so much sins as they are dispositions that lead us to sin.

Trans: Over the next (7) weeks we’re going to place each of these spiritual viruses under the microscope of God’s Word to understand their infectious tendencies and to discover an appropriate remedy to bring health and healing to our lives.

Trans: Today we’re going to begin our series by looking at the virus of LAZINESS. What is it? Where does it come from? How does it work?

Trans: Often called sloth, laziness is a fatal virus able to debilitate the best of men. In our politically correct school system it’s called “energetically declined.”

Story: Laziness is so bad there’s a club – Lazi-holics Anonymous. Meetings are filled w/ what are described as “downwardly mobile people.” They serve free espresso at the meeting to try and speed up the discussion. You might be wondering if you’re a potential lazi-holic or know someone who is – they’ve developed a test to help you identify if you are. Here are (3) I found amusing to get you started.

1 Do you get annoyed when people talk about work related matters at work?

2 Do you find your sick leave is used up when you actually get sick?

3 Do you find yourself thinking about taking a vacation while on vacation?

Trans: Now I don’t put much stock in the Lazi-holics, but in the Bible laziness is seen as a serious problem w/ detrimental consequences that should be avoided at all cost.

I THE ROOT OF LAZINESS (read Matthew 25:14-30)

Recap: The Master gives (3) men money to manage while he’s away. Two of the men prove to be good stewards taking their Master’s gift and turning it into a profit. But the 3rd servant squanders the opportunity and is forced to face the disappointment of the Master who confronts the servant who claimed he was afraid. The servant explained that he didn’t do anything b/c he was afraid. But the Master doesn’t buy it and says that the servant wasn’t afraid but rather that he was wicked and lazy.

Word: lazy – to delay by procrastinating.

Note: Laziness is failing to take advantage of God-given opportunities and abilities.

Note: Jesus called this wickedness b/c failing to take advantage of God-given opportunities is to commit an act of evil contrary to the heart and will of God.

Note: Laziness is failing to take advantage of your God-given opportunities and abilities procrastinating what you know you should and must do until you are forced to do it and then taking the least path of resistance to see it happen.

Note: Laziness is as much a priorities problem as it is an activities problem.

Quote: Laziness is the sin by which we ignore our obligations. Campolo

Quote: The laziest man I’ve ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so that they might turn themselves over. W.C. Fields


A Lazy in LABOR (Work Life)

Verse: Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord. (KJV) Rm. 12:11

Note: This is a direct command to do our very best at work. No matter how lazy our colleagues might be, we’re always to work as if working for the Lord.

Harris: 63% agreed very few people work as hard as 10 years ago

Poll 78% have less pride in their work than 10 years ago

16% said they were doing their very best at work and home

84% said they could do 2x as good if they really wanted to put forth the effort.

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