Summary: Restoration out of ruin.

Lead Me To The Pillars

Judges 16:19-30

Samson. Oh! What a character left for us to discover in scripture. He genesis so great that it appeared he would be the savior of the people and his downfall so infamous that it is forever canonized in scripture. In the beginning it would appear that Samson would be a great asset even to God. Without controversy he was instrumental in many acts of victory over the Philistines. I see this hero of every little boy in Israel killing a lion, capturing foxes and setting fire between their tails, and carrying off the gates of the city. A man among men. A hero of heroes. My what a downward spiral this aspiring young man sinks into. From Judges chapter 14 through chapter 16 he goes down 9 times.

Down to Timnath

Down to Timnath again

Down to a woman

Down to Ashkelon

Down to the Rock Etaom

Down to the Valley of Sorek

Down on Delilahs lap

Samson’s fellowship with the enemy of God becomes the receipe for disaster to his experience with God.

Samson becomes so comfortable in the lap of the enemy that he never realizes when his power is gone. Born with a promise from an Angel of God who asended back to heaven in the flames of the altar of burnt sacrifice; he now lays a helpless shell of a man in the lap of God’s enemy. His great token of power from God now is only a scalp on the devils belt.

Incarcerated in the Prison of the Philistine the mighty warrior whom men once feared grinds meal as a common man. His eyes are blinded and his spirit broken but God still looks on him in pity. When you feel your power is gone and you are at the mercy of the enemy don’t forget to believe in God. The key that would restore this warrior goes unnoticed by his enemy. Howbeit his hair began to grow again.

The Philistine Lords call for Samson to make sport for them. This grand warrior of yesterday now blind and broken is led by a child into the courts of his enemy. It would seem to the casual observer that Samson is now only a plaything for the Philistine. Remember though his hair (covenant) with God is growing, thus restoring his access to power.

A simple request to a lad and an humble prayer to God spell disaster for the Philistines. The simple requests from which we draw our text “suffer me to feel the pillars” or as we would say “lead me to the pillars. The enemy may have lied to you, made sport of your failure, exploited your plight, and used you for a laugh BUT DON’T DESPAIR OF HOPE. Pray again and feel for the Pillars of the prison house.

2 Timothy 2: 26

Psalms 124: 1-8

You can recover your promise and find revival for the things you may have lost. The latter end of your experience can be greater than all you’ve known before. With your heart touch God and with your hand touch the pillars and bow yourself with an expectation of complete restoration and victory.

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