Summary: We are all called to lead and follow and we are to listen to godly principles in Hebrews 13.

Please open your Bibles to Hebrews Chapter 13….

Again, this letter was to a church made up of Jews who became Christians, but much of the Biblical Principles from this letter apply to all Christians! This letter although written by a man are words from God and we can worship God who is worthy by continuing to hear and learn from this letter to those Hebrews.

We will focus on v7, 16-19, 22-25 today! We will learn from 8-15 and 20-21 next week as we celebrate Communion! Read along with me starting with v7….. Hebrews 13:7-25…….

v7a……. Remember (from Greek - to call to mind, to make mention of) all of our church leaders!

Note: Church leaders are called to lead people to Christ but they are also sinners like all people! Christians are to call to mind and make mention of church leaders often!

v7b……. Think about how our Bible teachers impact others and so they are attacked by the world, the devil, and their own sinful nature! Church Leaders are attacked to not be effective for Jesus Christ!


- for the “leader” to have a strong maturing faith and live with their eyes fix on Jesus!

- for the “followers” to pray for and follow the godly things the “leader” does!

We will save v8-15 for next week.

Look again at v16….. follows the second greatest commandment from God! Matthew 22:39

3 things from v17:

a. obey and submit to those who have authority over us (with one exception – Acts 5:29)

b. all authority will answer to God

c. disobeying those in authority will only bring burdens

v18: pray for church leaders to have clear consciences and a desire to live honorably

v19: basically pray for no hindrances to relationships at church, especially leaders


Again, we will save v20-21 for next week

v24-25: Greet all at church and desire God’s Grace be with all!

The passage speaks for itself but here are some noteworthy Biblical Principles for us:

1. God calls and ordains leaders (although sinners themselves) to teach, guide, and maintain order and peace! What significant about this principle for today??

a. We are to constantly pray for godly leaders; they are so much needed!

b. Pray for clear consciences, continued spiritual growth, and godly protection of our church leaders!

c. We are all “leaders” and “followers”!

Know your calling as a leader and lead godly in your present situations! e.g. Godly Parenting is active not passive!

Be a godly follower in all your situations.

2. Know and obey the 2 greatest commandments from God!

Note: We must not flip-flop the 2; The First Commandment must always be first! How are we doing?

3. Pray for no hindrances to our godly relationships and continued spiritual growth here in our church!

Let us all take a quiet moment to pray for our own church and our own selves to line up with God’s instructions……..

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