Summary: The church today has a real lack of true biblical leadership. This sermon takes a look at that issue.

Leadership in the Church

Overlooked position in church

Don Stephenson

Train staff to serve others & fire the leader

Must have good leadership to grow

Who are the leaders?

Biblically- elders

4 main sources:

Acts 20; 1 Pet. 5; Ja. 5; 1 Tim. 3 & Ti. 1

You find 3 main things the elders are supposed to be

1. Episkopos- one in charge, overseer

The church has been left in their hands

Elders- oversee the flock

You set the course, the vision for the church

Lead the flock into the future, health and growth

Heb. 13:17

As long as they are doing according to God’s Word

Pray for them, support them, obey them, follow them

A kingdom divided

People complain about leadership

That church isn’t healthy

2. Presuteros- older, spiritually mature

Why do they have to be spiritually mature?

They are looking out for God’s church

Spiritually immature people look out for self

Their concern isn’t others

1 Pet. 5:2, 3

What does this have to do with you?

Putting men there who aren’t ready

Stunting the growth of the church

What should these spiritually mature people look like?

1 Tim. 3:1-7

This list is not just for elders, but everyone

We should all strive for spiritual maturity

3. Poimen- pastor, shepherd

Definition- one to whom the care of others has been committed

When an elder is put in place, you are putting yourself in their care

This is the most beautiful term for elders

Sheep and shepherd

James 5:14, 15

Prayers of the elders are promised to be answered

The care of the church is the responsibility of the elders

This is a huge responsibility

These men, the elders, are our biblical leaders

What does that have to do with you?

Not a popularity contest

Not a way to avoid it yourself

This is Christ’s church we are dealing with


So pray for them, support them

Our church will be healthy for it

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