Summary: How to be an effective leader for Christ


I Thessalonians 2:7-11


Paul models four traits of effective leadership

A Survey of the four positive traits:

1. Am I unaware of people’s problems or am I understanding to their needs?

Unaware Sensitive

2. Do I come across as indifferent or loving toward those around me?

Indifferent Affectionate

3. Do I tend to keep people at distance or do I let them see me as I?

Distant/Closed Transparent/Authentic

4. Do others find me critical and complaining or supportive and encouraging?

Judgmental Affirming

1. Understanding to Needs

A. Verse 7. “But we proved gentle among you. As a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children.”

B. Paul spiritually cradles these Christians.

C. Pure milk of the Word (1 Peter 2:2)

D. He committed himself to understanding their hopes, fears and dreams so he could meet their needs.

2. Love for People

A. Verse 8a “we love you so much…you have become so dear to us.”

B. They didn’t feel used by Paul or manipulated.

C. He didn’t keep his distance – they could see his compassion in his eyes.

3. He was Transparent

A. Read verse 8 – 10

B. Paul modeled what he preached

C. No coming out of the closet

D. Only when our messages meshes with our action do we have the power to impact lives.

4. Passionate Encouragement

A. Read verse 11

B. Paul was their cheerleader

C. We have been beaten with our unworthiness and sinfulness until we are black and blue. We need to know that were in Christ at that through His righteousness, God sees us that there is hope.


Look within!

Look around!

Look up!

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