Summary: Leadership that works has a mindset focused on eternity, has a driving desire to empower people with the Gospel and has the determination to be committed to Jesus Christ at any cost.

Leadership that Works

Thesis: Leadership that works has a mindset focused on eternity, has a driving desire to empower people with the Gospel and has the determination to be committed to Jesus Christ at any cost.


Romans 12:1 “ Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God-this is your spiritual act of worship.”

Romans 12:6 “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.”

Romans 12:8 “… if it is leadership, let him govern diligently…”


Bill Hybel’s stated, “Everything rises and falls based on leadership.” Bill Hybels has been a Biblical leader emphasizing the importance of Biblical leadership in the Body of Christ today. He notes that if the leadership is strong then the followers are strong. If the leadership is weak so are the followers. This case holds true throughout the historical data revealed in the Old Testament. When Israel had Godly leaders the nation was strong and the people followed after the Lord. When the nation lost its focus, usually because the leaders had, then Israel suffered tremendous defeats and moral collapse. Eventually the lack of Godly leadership led to Israel being destroyed and many of its residents being led away as captives to a foreign land.

History has a way of always teaching us vital lessons. We can choose to learn from the past or make the same mistake and reap the same consequence. I believe the United States and especially the Body of Christ needs to understand the importance that Biblical leadership plays in the success or failure of a nation or an organization. In our society today leadership has come under attack. It’s looked down on and criticized by arm chair individuals. This is found in the church and outside the church.

I heard many say that leadership needs an overhaul in our country. I agree! We need a revival of Biblical Leadership. If we do not get this revival I predict that this nation will collapse within 25 years. I believe it will splinter apart just like the Roman Empire did and the Soviet Union did. I feel it will be divided into sections that are pro God and anti God – this could happen by regions or even by states. But I genuinely believe we are on this course today. Why? Because our nation lacks Godly leadership and we need more Godly leaders in Government, in society and in Church positions.

Yes, I am excited that President Busch is a Godly Leader but there are many in the Senate, and the House, of this nation “Under God”, that are not. There are many Judges who are not and are making law changes without the consent of the people. They make decisions based on what they think and what they value or believe.

We saw it recently with the latest Supreme Court ruling. Pat Robertson has challenged the church to step to the plate and to pray for leadership changes in the Supreme Court - in other courts - in the Senate and House - and in Government all across our country. I do believe that we need to start to pray and we must start to rise up more Biblical Leaders for the sake of our country and the Body of Christ.

I see a leadership vacuum today in the young people of this day. I know of some schools who cannot get kids to take leadership positions in their classes. I see young people in the church across our country who are running away from anything that has to do with leadership. They just want to come to church and receive but not serve or lead. They want someone else to make a difference for the Kingdom of God but they don’t want to be involved. I see a lack of respect for leadership today in our country and community. I believe this is one reason why no one wants to lead like the Lord has called us too. But the truth is we need Biblical Leaders leading the way today for the sake our society.

If the church and our nation had a surge of Biblical leaders moving into key positions we would experience a revival in our country and in our churches. But we need willing individuals we need leaders to lead. Friends and Christians Jesus needs you to decide to start leading Biblically right were you are at today. Why? Because it works! Why? It makes a difference! Why? Because Bbilical leadership is the hope of the world.

Some may say I want to lead but what is Biblical Leadership? Glad you asked! Here is what Biblical leadership looks like and acts like. Let’s look at the three proponents to Biblical leadership.

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