Summary: Sometimes you need to be around someone with the "spirit" in order for you to be touched by God and be moved.

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Both my wife and I had an opportunity this week to attend a seminar and conference. On Monday I was at Shady Grove in Grand Prairie with other leaders in the company of Dr. Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake. We talked about Preaching/Teaching, which one to strengthen and other aspects of the church. My wife along with a few of the ladies and about 10 girls attended a women’s conference in Dallas (AAC). You know, many times we all need to be around a person or a group of people that are on a higher level than we are. Be Empowered. Be Re-Energized. Be Strengthened.

Have you been around or know of someone that every time their voice is heard, you perk up. Sometimes it’s the love in a relationship when the husband comes home, the wife leaps into his arms with excitement. Maybe it’s that friend, the social bug that everyone wants to be around because they electrify the room.

There’s a person like that in our life today and he’s call the Holy Spirit/Comforter.

(Read Luke 1:39-44)

Here is a story centered around a Holy Ghost movement; the birth of John the Baptist and his cousin six months his junior, Jesus. Elizabeth & Mary both being visited by the angel Gabriel and he speaking a direct word from God they each will give birth to a son. After their brief moment of doubt they believed. Gabriel gave them one specific instruction and that was what to name their sons. Elizabeth was to name her son John – “Gracious” and Mary to name hers Jesus/Salvation.

But the blessing was about to be interrupted because relatives and friends around Elizabeth were going to name him Zechariah after this father. Sometimes there are people in your life that will disrupt the flow of blessing from God for the sake of tradition. But because of the visitation from Gabriel, Elizabeth said in verse 60 “Not so, but he shall be called John.”

Some of you right now have a ministry that God has spoken to you, but because of others in the midst of your life the mark is missed. There’s a specific call for you like a Christian based business, magazine, TV show, ministry; but you need to be touched by the God Almighty. Moses didn’t start his until he heard from God on Mt. Sinai. Peter started his at the time of Pentecost in Act 2. Paul began his journey on the road to Damascus (Acts 9) after hearing from God his received his vision back and was filled with the Holy Ghost.

In verse 44…

“ For, lo, as soon as the voice of the salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy.”

Though the scripture says when she heard the voice the baby leaped; it wasn’t necessarily Mary’s voice. It was the Holy Spirit using the voice of Mary to begin a ministry in Elizabeth.

Today you need to hear the voice of the Spirit to iginite a fire, to spark, to jump start your purpose. Too long you have sat on the sidelines with the doubters. Too long you have strayed away from the calling. God has placed a calling on your life but you fail to pick up the phone each time and there’s no answering machine to catch it. I declare today that something inside of you will be touched. My God, My God.

Deuteronomy 28:2

“And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.”

Just be in the presence and hearken unto the voice of the Lord. Because when you do, you’ll follow the example of these women knowing exactly what to name your business; knowing who to go for on the finances, know exactly where to for the location. You’ll be directed to your future husband or wife. Oh My God, the blessings are endless. It’s the Spirit of our living God that will direct the way.

There’s someone that wants to accomplish that goal, but they don’t have the spirit. There’s someone that needs a financial breakthrough but doesn’t know where to go.

Who are you?

You need a sponsor and that sponsor is the Spirit. Lean on him in your very womb.

Just like a women about to have a baby and she’s almost to the end. The doctor says all we need from you is one more PUSH!!!

If you listen and let the Holy Spirit move you, the blessings are on its way. There could be someone in your life right now that has the right spirit necessary for you to take the Leap of Faith.

Elizabeth and Mary took that leap of faith and birthed a generation ahead of its time. They said yes to God.

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