Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: If we are going to truly be Disciples of Christ, we must follow His examples.

Learning lessons from Jesus; Discipleship Qualities

Matthew 5:1-12

Disclaimer- Some things mentioned were gleaned from Sermon Central sermons.


I want to talk to you this morning about discipleship qualities. Jesus is our role model of how to teach. Jesus is our example of how to live a disciplined life. Jesus is our image that is to be mirrored for Holy living. This is pleasing to God.


The story is told of the young man who came to Socrates and told him that he wanted knowledge. “Follow me” the philosopher told the student and led him to the edge of the ocean and into the water, without warning Socrates grabbed the young man and plunged him beneath the water and held him there until the struggling stopped. He dragged the boy to the shore, left him gasping on the sand and returned to the market place. When the boy recovered he sought out the teacher again and asked why he tried to drown him. Socrates, replied, “When you were under the water what did you want more than anything? The reply of course was “air”. And Socrates answered, when you crave knowledge like you craved air, then you won’t need me or anyone else to guide you.”

In western culture , we view salvation as a good thing, but not necessary thing. We view serving God as anything that you do that is better than most as a plus and you should and will be rewarded for it.


There he stood, in the midst of the Golden Corral restaurant, with thousand Island dressing dripping from his hair, over his glasses, down his face, all over his jacket, pants, and shoes. And I’m not talking about a little bit of Thousand Island dressing, I’m talking about two gallons. What had happened was that a waitress carrying 2-gallon container of Thousand island dressing for the salad bar had paused for just a second while coming through the swinging doors of th kitchen, and the doors had caught her and knocked her forward, launching 2 gallons of dressing all over this guy. Well, he went ballistic, he started shouting and cursing at her. “Your so stupid” I can’t believe you could do such a stupid, stupid, thing. This is a brand new suit and it cost me 300. His wife chimed in, yeah, youv’e ruined my husbands suit. It is the first time that he has had a chance to wear it. I want to see the manager. Throughly shaken, she went to get the manager, and the manager came out. Now picture this, here’s a guy with 2 gallons of dressing dripping from him, and the manger asks..”Is there a problem? Is there a problem? She ruined my 300 suit, and I demand a check for 300 right now. We’ll be glad to get the suit cleaned. Accidents do happen, and we are really sorry. No I don’t want my suit cleaned, I want a brand new suit, and I demand payment now. To avoid a bigger scene, the manger goes to his office and gets a check for him. Think about this, that is the image of church people that the world sees. Sunday morning dressed up with their fancy clothes, going of to their secret society they call the church. They live different Monday-Saturday than on Sunday. Family can tell stories that would not help their testimony if they were shared.

Now besides breaking down each “Blessed is He” this moring, which we will do at some time because it gives us insight of how Jesus expects us to live. I want to look at Jesus teaching techniques to his disciples. Then what they did with them.

This morning our church board, who were elected by you, stood before you and God and pledged to commit their time and effort to this body of believers and pledged to be the best leaders they can be with God’s help. Emphasis on “With God’s help”

This portion of scripture is called the “Sermon on the mount”. The Beattitudes. It is called by some as “The keys to happiness and joy”. All the Beattitudes begin with Blessed, which means happy, or joyful. Happy is he/she. Joyful is he/she...and then states his teachings.

The Beatttitudes can be broken into two catagories.

1st 4- preparation of our character toward God.

2nd 4- presentation of our character toward others.

I believe that Jesus teaches on the maturity level. I don’t think Jesus expects a new Christian to know everything after the first day of salvation. But I also don’t think he accepts that a longtime Christian lives his/her life like a new believer either.

Let get this party started:


“Now when he saw the crowds he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to Him, and He began to teach them.

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