Summary: We must learn different ways to share the gospel here is a brief but simple way to share your faith

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Learning to Win Souls

Daniel 12:3

I. Put People at Ease

a. Many people have a fence built up around them in the form of preconceived ideas, customs and religious notions

II. Present the Gospel

a. The Gospel is still the power of God unto salvation unto everyone that believeth

III. Plan your Approach

a. Definite plan gives direction

b. Roman Road

c. Wordless book

d. Tract

IV. Parable Closing

a. Jesus used parables continually to get across the truth & help His listeners get the message.

V. Practice

a. Practice makes perfect. Fluency and effectiveness come with experience.

b. Do you win everybody you talk to? No – But you win more than if you were silent

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