Summary: A challenge that to change the world we must first be changed. A commitment to leaving a Godly legacy for our children to follow

Changing our world, one person at a time

Leaving a Godly legacy for our children

Part One


1. This is the first of message series that is entitled, Changing your world one person at a time.

2. I want to speak on this morning, Leaving a Godly legacy for our children.

3. Every person wants to be remembered for something.

I want to be remembered for two things: When I am dead and gone, I would like to know they said…

He loved his family… He loved his God…

4. 24 yrs. Ago I saw Allie and fell in love with her… and after all we be thru… I never lost that love for her

20 yrs. Ago, I fell in love with my God… and after all we’ve been thru, I never lost my love for him.

5. My children, what can I say… but that every man ought to have had the opportunity to have had the children I have had.

A. To change your world, you must change yourself

1. How many of you want at least one person or family member in your life that you would like to see changed?

a. Tell story of Zig Ziggler meeting with a lady who complained about the people of her office.

2. Before you can change the world, you must be changed

Before you can change your family, you yourself must first be changed.

3. Jesus Christ modeled this so effectively.

a. Read Phil. 2:5-8

b. Jesus knew that in order to change this world, he needed to change his.

He left the splendors of heaven, knowing his destiny,

It was the lonely hill of Golgotha, there to lay down his life for me.

He knew in order for us to be changed – he needed to change

A. Everyone leaves a legacy-

1. My children, especially my older ones, catch me intently looking at them.

a. My one boy, told me, dad, stop, you are freaking me out.

b. I was not so much looking at them as I was thru him. I was taking account if I had taught them properly enough to carry on after I am gone.

Will they stay godly?

Will they be good mates?

Will they be good parents?

2. Everyone leaves a legacy

a. My dad’s father, left home when he was eight and died on skid row in Chicago.

He left a legacy of drunkenness to his boys. Each one drank to excess.

b. My father became a Christian, took us fishing and to church and staid with my mom.

We now go fishing with our children, and stay with their mothers

c. What kind of legacy will you leave?

What will be written on the tombstone of your life?

3. Abraham left a legacy

a. For I know him God said of Abraham in Gen. 18:17-19

b. Also God blessed Isaac after his father’s death

Gen. 25:11

What Legacy will we leave behind? How will our lives affect those we leave behind?

B. What kind of Legacy will we leave?

1. Will it be one of respect?

One man said it this way. I want it to be so when my son meets up with someone who says, “I know your dad,“ he will stick out his chest instead of his tongue.

2. Will it be a Godly Legacy we leave?

Author, pastor, and onetime atheist Lee Strobel says…

My daughter Allison was 5 years old when I became a follower of Jesus, and all she had known in those five years was a dad who was profane and angry.

I remember I came home one night and kicked a hole in the living room wall just out of anger with life. I am ashamed to think of the times Allison hid in her room to get away from me.

Five months after I gave my life to Jesus Christ, that little girl went to my wife and said, "Mommy, I want God to do for me what he’s done for Daddy."

At age 5! What was she saying? She’d never studied the archeological evidence. Never read the Bible for herself. All she knew was her dad used to be hard to live with.

At a tender age, she gave her life to Jesus.

God changed my family. He changed my world. He changed my and my families eternity.

3. Will it be a Godly Legacy we leave behind or prison walls?

At a 1994 Promise Keepers’ conference in Denton, Texas, pastor James Ryle told his story: When he was 2 years old, his father was sent to prison and when he was 7, the authorities placed him in an orphanage.

At 19, he had a car wreck that killed a friend. He sold drugs to raise money for his legal fee, and the law caught up to him. He was arrested, charged with a felony, and sent to prison.

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